The Left Has Rated Trump As the Worse President Of All Time: I Say Good

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Nearly 200 political scientists have voted and declared among themselves that Trump is the worst president in American history.

Trump could not be reached for comment because he’s busy dismantling every stupid thing Obama did and is looking forward to seven more years in the White House with his beautiful family.

As usual, we have reactions from Joe The Plumber himself on where Trump should be on the list compared to George Washington, Lincoln and Obama.

Political Scientists Are Superior To Us Schmucks

This year’s Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey asks for “top political scientists” to weigh in on the best presidents of all time. For the 2018 poll, almost 200 of these eggheads gave their opinion and have decided that Trump goes on the bottom and Lincoln goes on top. The survey is handed out every four years to members of the American Political Science Association to rank each president’s greatness from 0 to 100, with zero representing “total failure.”

Put the left in charge and they’ll want to take the vote away from the uneducated, unwashed masses. You filthy middle class Americans think you know how to best run the country, but you’re too stupid to know you should be ruled over by we academics. You couldn’t possibly understand what’s best for you, or for your businesses, or your family. You didn’t spend twelve years on college campuses learning how the real world works. You’ve probably never even read Marx, or John Locke or the guy who invented Critical Race Theory. No, you spent your life working and raising a family and establishing yourself as a respectable person in your neighborhood. You shouldn’t be able to call any shots in society.

The Results Of The Survey

The respondents were 57% Democrat, less than 13% Republican, 27% Independent and 3% were “other.”

As well, 32% considered themselves ideologically liberal and only 5% considered themselves to be ideologically conservative. A further 26%were “somewhat liberal” and 12% were “somewhat conservative.” Here’s what that translates into:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. George Washington
  3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  4. Theodore Roosevelt
  5. Thomas Jefferson
  6. Truman
  7. Eisenhower
  8. Obama
  9. Reagan
  10. LBJ
  11. Wilson
  12. Madison
  13. Clinton
  14. Adams
  15. Jackson
  16. JFK
  17. Bush 41
  18. Monroe
  19. McKinley
  20. Polk
  21. Grant
  22. Taft
  23. JQA
  24. Cleveland
  25. Ford
  26. Carter
  27. VanBuren
  28. Coolidge
  29. Hayes
  30. Bush 43
  31. Arthur
  32. B. Harrison
  33. Nixon
  34. Garfield
  35. Taylor
  36. Hoover
  37. Tyler
  38. Fillmore
  39. Harding
  40. A. Johnson
  41. Pierce
  42. William Henry Harrison
  43. Buchanan
  44. Donald Trump

Trump is two spots below William Henry Harrison who was president for 31 whole days before dying of pneumonia. Clearly “greater” than Trump.

Why “Great”?

There are many words in the English language to describe the qualities of a leader. Great can mean any number of things. There are Great Horned Owls, and the Great Gatsby, and the Great Wall Of China, and Alexander The Great, and Muhammad Ali The Greatest Of All Time, and Great Grandfathers. It’s a slippery word. When something has so many definitions, it can become meaningless.

Naturally a conservative will have a different definition of greatness compared to a liberal. Joe The Plumber points out that while conservatives think it’s great that Trump kicked the Paris Accord out the door, liberals melted faster than the glaciers in their minds.

Anything To Delegitimize Trump’s Presidency

This survey, with its obvious liberal and anti-conservative bias (combined with the bias of assuming that sheltered college professors must be right about this sort of thing), is just another swipe from the left to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump in the eyes of the public. They’re still intent on impeaching the man, and will sow any seed that might contribute to the notion that shouldn’t be in office.

From Russian collusion suggesting that he didn’t win legitimately, to doctors in media claiming that he’s too fat and crazy to be in the job, to these political scientists saying he’s not Great Enough to Make America Great Again, it’s all meant to weaken his support.

That may have worked last decade. Not anymore. The devils will need new tricks.

Joe The Plumber: Lincoln on Top, Really?

I generally touch base with Joe before I write a piece. His thoughts on the rankings are that George Washington ought to be the Greatest President, because he had a chance to become a King of his new country. Washington could have left George III of England and become George I of America, but he chose humility and simply because the first caretaker of the States.

As for Obama’s position in 8th place, Joe figured that riots must contribute to the Greatness of the Oval Office because there’s no other way he could have scored that high.

Trump is working on making America Great Again by protecting the interests of Americans, like with the travel ban. And he pushes back against the cupcakes at the United Nations by going through with declarations like the movement of the American embassy in Israel to its rightful place in Jerusalem.

Seven. More. Years.

Sources: Boise State University, MSN, Wikipedia, CNN

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