The Left Lies About Gun Violence

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Gun violence. Is it as bad as they say? If you look at the government-supplied statistics, you’ll see that things are actually improving, but for some reason The Left does not want you to know that. They want you to think that crime is spiraling out of control and the only way to fix it is to keep tightening the screws on the 2nd Amendment.

The Left Lies About Gun ViolenceLet’s start with crime in general, using the FBI’s statistics. From 2004 to 2011 we see these changes:

  • Violent crime over all dropped 14.5%
  • Murder rate dropped 18.3%
  • Rape rate dropped 16.1%
  • Robbery rate dropped 20.2%

Looking at another FBI table, murders using firearms of any kind dropped from 14,916 in 2007 to 12,664 in 2011.

These are very impressive numbers. The obvious, undeniable take-away is that violent crime, including “gun violence” is declining. That sounds to me like the good guys are winning.  If this information was to get out though, if the media would tell the truth instead of sensationalizing the horror of violent crime, Americans might get the idea that our society isn’t as insane as they want us to think. We might start to realize we don’t need our rights and freedoms legislated away.

Contrast that with this lie from a Clinton campaign ad, as quoted in a Huffington Post article, “This epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries”. If you look at the facts, Hillary, it does know some boundaries. In fact, it’s getting beat down.

In the same article, Bernie Sanders is quoted as saying, “We need sensible gun control legislation”. If the rate of gun violence is dropping, it seems we’re already on the right course. ‘Sensible’ is already here, so what do you really want, Bernie?

The Left Lies About Gun Violence

Violent crime is a terrible thing, there is no question about that, and as a society we should do what we can to confront this problem honestly and effectively. But The Left isn’t truly concerned with crime, they’re concerned with diminishing our rights and freedoms.

And here’s something I’ve always wondered. Is their concern with crime, or with preventing unnecessary death? I would think, ultimately, the latter should be the goal. Murder could be seen as a subset of unnecessary death, couldn’t it? If that’s the case and they honestly wanted to address the problem, dealing with auto accidents would be much more important, as over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year in America, vs. fewer than 12,000 gun related deaths. But again, that’s not really their goal. Cars aren’t protected by the Constitution. Guns are, though, and in their continuing drive to erode the power of that great document, they must attack the liberties ensured therein.

The Left Lies About Gun Violence

The thing that burns me is that they lie to us. They lie, and they expect us to just suck it all in, and sadly, we often do.  Mainstream media refuses to present the truth and for many Americans, that’s the only input they have for forming their world view.

As I often say, don’t believe me, go look up the stats yourself. I’ve provided links to some good data to get you started. Dig into it and find the truth for yourself. Show the numbers to your left-leaning friends. Share the truth where you can.

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