Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles School Fires ONLY Conservative Teacher For Her Political Views

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In a story that you would think came directly from communist China, an L.A. school, Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, has fired a HIGHLY qualified teacher for no other reason than her political views. Dr. Karen Siegemund, also the President of the very prestigious American Freedom Alliance, was the only conservative teacher at the school. Let it be clear, that Dr. Siegemund, while her colleagues pressed their ideology in the classroom, did not do so.

As the President of the American Freedom Alliance, Dr. Siegemund recently put on an event. The AFA conference was entitled, “The Left’s Revolution by Other Means” and included some incredible conservative speakers like  Trevor Louden, Charlie Kirk, Bill Whittle, and Brent Bozell.

Not long after the event, apparently a parent complained about Dr. Siegemund’s work outside of school time, and off of school property. The Le Lycee school informed her that they were not renewing her contract.

For over a decade, Dr. Siegemund has taught Science and Math, Latin and French. I have never seen her teach, but I know well her communications skills, both written and oral. I guarantee she rocked it as a teacher. I can also guarantee that there was not one other adult in the Le Lycee school that is as smart, or qualified as Dr. Siegemund.

I know Dr. Karen Siegemund. Karen is my friend. I guarantee that there is no one at that school who is a Dr. Karen Siegemund.

My friend Ann Marie Murrell said it best: Dr. Karen Siegemund is a brilliant woman. MENSA brilliant. But let’s allow her resume to speak for her:

As the daughter of a man who grew up in Hitler’s Berlin, Dr. Siegemund has always been keenly aware of how precarious freedom is, and how tyranny typically begins not with a revolution, but with a slow erosion of rights and freedoms. For this reason, Dr. Siegemund has dedicated her life to fighting against this erosion on every level.

During the Cold War, Dr. Siegemund worked in the field of underwater acoustics, developing new sonar systems and testing them during sea trials around the world.

After the defeat of the Soviet Union, Dr. Siegemund turned her sights first to earning a Master’s Degree in International Relations, then a doctorate degree in “Education and American Culture.” Recognizing that only with an educated citizenry could we hope to maintain our freedoms, she became an educator; for over ten years, Dr. Siegemund has taught in a number of areas, from Latin and French to Science and Mathematics, at the middle school, high school and University levels. Along with these specific academic disciplines, of course, she strives to educate her students about the values that make Western Civilization generally, and America specifically, as exceptional as we are.

Ann Marie goes on to say: “In other words, instead of continuing down the career path of becoming a nuclear scientist (raise your hand if YOU can say that) or winning a Nobel Prize, Karen chose to teach.”

This disgusts me. Our Nation is crumbling quickly, and it is rooted in what is going on in the classroom. We should have taken control decades ago. I am afraid, that it is too late. Half of our young people, are willing to sacrifice freedom and liberty for socialism. We are doomed!

Dr. Siegemund will go on. Not only is she smart, but she is tough as nails. This story is not over.

For further reading, and excellent commentary, read Ann Marie’s piece at PolitiChicks:

A Teacher Loses Her Job Over Political Beliefs & America Nears End of “Freedom of Speech”

I am sad for our country. Le Lycee… You just stole from your students. You should be highly ashamed.

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