Law Enforcement Posts Large Sign off Highway About NFL Protesters!

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It seems everyday more and more Americans are fighting back with their own ads against the NFL and the NFL player protests. Americans are sick and tired of watching NFL players disrespect our nation, our flag and our military.

In response to the NFL’s national anthem protests, one sheriff in Virginia has spent his own money to erect a roadside sign that makes it clear to the world how he and his fellow law enforcement agents feel about America and its flag.

Law enforcement stands & places hand over heart for national anthem!” reads the sign put up by Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown. “We kneel when we pray!”

Right on.

Speaking this week with Lynchburg station WSET, Brown revealed that, like many other Americans, he used to love the NFL up until its players starting acting like pig-headed buffoons.

“I’ve always been a Redskins fan  … (but) I quit watching,” he said, adding that the team’s decision to kneel during the anthem last month was unacceptable. “I applaud demonstrating for social justice, that’s great, but do it some other way than disrespecting our great country, and this flag.

“It’s the greatest country in the world, it’s been that way because of our military, and our law enforcement,” he added.

But Brown wasn’t done yet. He’s also purchased similarly designed bumper stickers that he plans to place on his department’s vehicles and will give to any police chief or sheriff who asks, as long as supplies last, according to WSET.

Save for a few knuckleheads, his community has been very receptive to his ideas, but particularly the sign.

“It definitely shows the law enforcement is behind the community,” Sherri Stayton, a Bedford County resident, told WSET. “I’m proud of it absolutely.”

“It shows respect for our country and the freedoms that we have, everything is related to that flag,” added fellow resident Jeff Scott.

Sheriff Brown is joining thousands of other Americans who are no longer watching the NFL games. Viewers and ratings are down and will continue to fall as long as these overpaid NFL morons continue to protest during our national anthem. Enough is enough!

If NFL players want to kneel….they should do it on their own time, NOT during the national anthem.

In addition to Sheriff Brown, even Benghazi hero Kris “Tanto” Paronto reminded us all of the real heroes on the field as he posted a photo of US soldiers taking a knee, while they were praying as a unit.

It is pretty ironic isn’t it that when Tim Tebow ‘took a knee’ on field to pray the NFL loudly criticized him, but when NFL players protest and ‘take a knee’  during our national anthem….well, the NFL doesn’t care too much about that. How disgusting!

Our military puts God, country and our flag first. It’s too bad the NFL can’t at least put our flag first and show some respect to those who serve our country and defend our freedom.

Sheriff Brown and other law enforcement officers like him, and other first responders put their lives on the line every day as they serve to protect our communities from thugs to thiefs, and other bad guys.

Our current military and those like Kris Paronto who have served and dedicated their lives to protect our freedom deserve to be respected.

Our NFL players need to join Sheriff Brown, law enforcement and other Americans, and stand and place their hand over their heart for the national anthem.

If they want to kneel….like Sheriff Brown and Kris Paronto, I invite them to do that while they pray…..#Tebowing

H/T Conservative Tribune



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