Latest Democrat Presidential Candidate Wants To Confiscate Your Guns and Throw You In Jail If You Resist

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Democrat presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell wants you to either keep your guns locked up at a gun range, turn or turn them in, and throw you in jail if you refuse! The Democrat representative from California appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday. He told host Jake Tapper he wants establish a program similar to the one implemented in New Zealand in the wake of the mosque shooting.

Swalwell announced Tuesday that his plan would include a buyback program that would reimburse gun owners for voluntarily turning in their ‘assault’ weapons, but that any who resisted would be sent to jail.

“You know, keep your pistols, keep your long rifles, keep your shotguns,” He clarified.

“The reason I’ve proposed this is because these weapons are so devastating. I’ve seen this as a prosecutor in the cases that I’ve prosecuted. We’ve seen these in the school shootings from Sandy Hook to Parkland,” the Democrat said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “It’s not just the violence that they’ve caused — it’s the fear, the immeasurable fear that our children live in.”

In a tweet last November, Swalwell responded to a gun rights enthusiast who said the Democrats’ proposal to confiscate or buy semi-automatic rifles would result in “war” due to resistance from the gun owners, stating “it would be a short war” because “the government has nukes.” Swalwell claimed he was joking.

Swalwell formally launched his 2020 presidential run Sunday in his hometown of Dublin, California, promising to center his campaign on gun control inspired by the Parkland shooting.

“We believe that every child has a right to learn without fear, that every parent has a right to hug their beautiful little babies when they come home from school, and that all of us, we have a right to dance at a concert, laugh at the theater, pray at a synagogue at a church and at a mosque,” the Democrat said. “Our rights to live and to love each other, those rights are greater than any other right in the Constitution, period.

I repeat: “greater than any other right in the Constitution”

Swalwell makes the same old, tired, gun argument:

“I want the most dangerous weapons, these weapons of war, out of the hands of the most dangerous people.”

And we will tell Swalwell the same, common sense, logical answer.


If the got EVERY citizen to comply, they all put their weapons in a locker at a gun range, and they turned in every so-called ‘assault weapon’ into his government buy-back.

EVERY criminal, or person with nefarious purposes, would STILL HAVE THEIR GUNS! Then the people would be defenseless! They would be defenseless from both those who want to use guns against them, and as well any future tyrannical government!

And as well, handguns are used in 19 times as many murders than are ‘assault’ rifles according to the Uniform Crime Reporting data. Handguns killed nine times as many persons as rifles, shotguns, and other guns did combined.

But I welcome Swalwell bringing the gun debate to the Democrat forefront! Lets have this discussion again. Let’s get the facts out there….again!

Swalwell also promised to be a “different” kind of candidate in a crowded Democrat field with more established stars, vowing that his campaign would not accept donations from corporate political action committees.

“This is not a campaign that will be beholden to special interests. We will accept no corporate PAC money and we’re not going to be driven by the polls,” he said.


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