‘Larry The Cable Guy’ Got REAL And Destroyed Every Trump-Hating Liberal Snowflake in America!

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It’s pretty amazing that President Trump continues to move his agenda forward, despite all the roadblocks thrown at him from the Liberals, Democrats and even those in the Establishment.  Forget that Trump was elected president by ‘We The People’ to ‘Make America Great Again’. I guess the Liberals, Democrats and the Establishment don’t really want that, especially if it means their ‘swamp’ is drained.

When the voters elected Trump as president, they didn’t want a politician. They could have had Sen. Ted Cruz, but voters rejected the Constitutionalist and Republican, mainly because he was a politician. Voters wanted an outsider. They wanted someone that would go to Washington, DC and in their opinion ‘make a difference’. They were tired of sending politicians, especially career politicians to DC and feeling like nothing was done.

Recently Daniel Lawrence Whitney otherwise known as, ‘Larry The Cable Guy’ was recently asked what he thought about President Trump. ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ believes Trump will succeed as President.

Watch as ‘Larry The Cable Guy’ gets serious and takes down every liberal Trump-hating crybaby in the country. Share this video if you agree with him. We sure do!

No one said Trump was traditional. Again, that’s probably another reason people voted for him. Trump has always ‘said it like it is’. Most Americans appreciated and welcomed his bluntness. They were tired of the ‘phony’ rhetoric or political correctness.

However, there is one thing about Trump. He likes to win. That’s probably saying it too lightly.  He loves to win. Trump did promise to ‘Make America Great Again’. That’s what he’s going to continue to do, regardless of the roadblocks or distractions from the Democrats or the Establishment.

The recent polls show:

…approximately 57 percent of voters say that Trump is doing about as well as they expected. Meanwhile, his approval ratings far outclass those of Congress, which has just a 29 percent approval rating. That’s a nonpartisan statistic. And thirty-one percent approve of Democrats in Congress, while 32 percent approve of Republicans in Congress.

The most unpopular figure in American politics remains House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., with 19 percent who feel positively about her in any way against 44 percent who feel negatively about her. The Democratic Party’s negatives double up the Republican Party’s.

Fifty-two percent say that Trump’s chaotic style is “unique to this administration and (suggests) real problems.” But the American people largely agree with Trump’s agenda. Eighty-six percent say that “a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.” Fifty-three percent say that “the news media and other elites are exaggerating the problems with the Trump Administration because they are uncomfortable and threatened with the kind of change that Trump represents.”

These results seem to resemble the same polls during Trump’s election. It’s why people voted for Trump. Most Americans wanted someone to speak up for ‘the little  guy’. Prior to Trump, it was all about the Democrats and Obamacare being shoved down our throats along with thousands of illegals flooding our country.

Obama’s America was also filled with lawlessness. Americans wanted America to return to the Constitution – the law of the land. They wanted the law to apply to everyone – including Hillary Clinton. Americans saw how the Democrats were using everything to suit their habits and screw over most Americans. They were tired of unemployment, a strangled economy with too many regulations, and watching our borders be infiltrated by scumbags.

As ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ says, it’s about time we had someone run our country like a business. It’s about time people who were best for the job got the job, instead of those who just made Hillary’s war chest bigger with her ‘pay-to-play’ scandals and so-called ‘favors’ tied with donations to the Clinton Foundation.

President Trump, as ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ said, is trying to put ‘America First”. Trump wants to leave the country in great shape. He had a great life. He didn’t need people to hate him. He wants to do good. He wants to do the right things for America.

So ‘Chill OUT’ and give Trump a chance! ….and yes, pass the beer while you’re at it!


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