LA Begins TAXPAYER-FUNDED Legal Defense For Illegal Immigrants

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This is more than infuriating!! What makes these idiot liberals tick?!
Los Angeles announced they will launch a $10 million legal defense fund for immigrants facing deportation. The move comes as immigration activists are bracing for Donald Trump’s entrance into the White House. He has vowed to crack down on illegal immigration.

Los Angeles, Mayor, Eric Garcetti, introduced the L.A. Justice Fund on Monday, which by the way, is a $10 million-dollar war-chest funded by the city of Los Angeles, LA and outside parties will assist immigrants’ with the legal costs, reports reveal.

Mayor Garcetti stated that: “People who have built their lives in America have rights, and they deserve all of the protections that our legal system provides,”

And carried on that “The L.A. Justice Fund will reach out to people who are American by every measure except the papers they hold — our family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. They are part of our community, and we will fight for them.”
The L.A. Justice Fund is ready to begin helping illegal immigrants in the beginning of 2017, just as Trump begins his first term. Do you think they will get away with it when Trump is president?

Chicago and New York are taking similar measures in other liberal cities, in order to coddle scared illegal immigrants. Maddening.

Experts estimated that 37 percent of immigrants facing deportation have access to attorneys….who cares?! They should have access to nothing. Why do they deserve rights in a country they don’t belong in?

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