It’s For The Kids! West Virginia Teacher Strike Drags Into 2nd Week

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Media reports have unintentionally shown that students are better off wandering the streets to play sports during the school day instead of being forced to obey socialist, inactive teachers for 8 hours a day.

Eight days into the teacher’s strike in West Virginia, and students have adjusted to the free time by learning healthy ways to deal with boredom while teachers attempt to gain sympathy by handing out free lunches.

By The Numbers

Right now, 277,000 students and 35,000 teachers are out of the schools in the state. Teachers say they want better benefits, but it all boils down to a pay raise.

The State Senate approved a 4% pay raise which angered union leaders who said they want more.

These Teachers Are Crazy

Art teacher Sam Brunett said:

“What we’re seeing is a movement in the U.S. Not just a labor movement. It’s a class of people rising up.”

Social studies and civics teacher Cody Thomson said:

“We feel like we’re under attack constantly. Eventually when you’re pushed into a corner, you’ve got to push back.”

These are the people demanding more money to teach your children right and wrong.

Free Lunch

According to journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, some of the teachers involved in the strike made “food packages” for students and “have continued” to attempt to feed them. Babs here thinks it’s a symptom of a “dystopian welfare state.”

Here’s what this really is: Using the free breakfast and lunch programs as a weapon against the state. Kids who receive free lunch at school see something else happen in their life: They see the state as something that will keep them fed, and they see their parents being too lazy to slap some peanut butter on two slices of bread. The outrage here is that parents are unwilling to find the extra $10 a week it takes to provide a cheap lunch for their kids. The kids are not being taught self-reliance.

And let’s be honest, look at these teachers. Do you REALLY think they’re qualified to determine proper nutrition for kids? All of these women in the front row are overweight or obese.

Media Scare Tactic: Kids Are Eating Junk Food And Playing Video Games!

I’m not here to rag on video games, or junk food. When I have a few minutes downtime between writing assignments, I pop on my headphones and pretend to shoot cartoon enemies in the face. There isn’t much you can learn from video games, but there isn’t much to learn from public school these days either. I know doctors, lawyers, engineers and stay-at-home moms who will log on to play games when they can because they learned that it’s for leisure time.

But still, some media outlets including the lefties at ABC are trying to cry over the lack of structure in the lives of these newly-freed kids who will rot their teeth on candy and become violent criminals from overdosing on Xbox. ABC spoke to some affected students about how they’re spending their time now:

At a Charleston mall, Cheryl Carty said her niece — second grader Zoey Lanier — has filled the void with activities that have included a visit to a museum children’s exhibit and a trip to the movies.

Elsewhere, Brady Stafford and about a dozen of his friends got in some extra practice at a South Charleston soccer field.

Stafford, a Charleston seventh grader, said that since the strike began, he’s attended sleepovers and played Xbox games. His friend, seventh grader Ben Jamerson, admitted he’s had bouts of boredom.

Wait a second. This sounds incredibly healthy. The kids are learning to entertain themselves. Dealing with boredom is crucial to being a patient adult. And working on social skills without parental involvement, especially while playing sports is phenomenal for kids. I’m still pals with the women I played sports with 20 years ago.

Again, look at these teachers — it’s not like they’re bastions of good health and moderation, either. And I bet the kids playing all day with their friends are finally getting a good night’s rest instead of being fidgety from being forced to sit still all day.

Maybe A Strike Wasn’t Such A Good Idea

In the same article showing kids frolicking outside by themselves, there were moans from teachers who take jobs on the side. You know, just like how the rest of us have held multiple jobs at once. One teacher cried that he had to work at a discount store and sell pizza, probably because he feels like he’s too good to put in some honest work.

The Feminization of School

Here’s my beef with the modern school system: It’s run by women.

Girls excel at obeying orders, and working to please their teacher. Males like to work out their issues face to face in an aggressive manner, while females like to gossip and build up a pack of wolves in order to eject the person they don’t like from their group. Schools, which are overwhelmingly run by women, take the female route. If you have an issue with another student, you are encouraged to tell the teacher secretly and the teacher will punish the other kid. That’s fine for female students, but it’s a disaster for male students who never get to socialize in the way that nature intended.

Sources: CNN, ABC, NBC

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