Kids Need Involved Parents Not Mental Health Counselors

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A Hillary Clinton-supported child research institute with connections to a federally charged drug company says that millions of American children develop mental health disorders as teenagers and that doctors must work harder to diagnose and treat kids.

The Child Mind Institute says that 17.1 million adolescents will likely develop a mental health disorder before they turn 18, and are pushing new guidelines that urge doctors to screen kids over the age of 12 for depression at their annual checkups. Combined with a survey from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital that says that 87% of Americans want kids to have better mental health care and a surge in the prescription of psychiatric drug, it may come as a surprise that parents are moving towards preventative therapy instead of medication.

Child Mind Institute has Democrat, Fraudulent Connections

Founded by the child psychiatrist Harold Koplewicz, the Child Mind Institute has operated since 2009. In 2001, Koplewicz was among 22 authors of a study that was sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline to look into the safety of the antidepressant Paxil. The study concluded that it was safe for adolescents with major depression, but in 2001 the Department of Justice sued the drug company for “false claims” connected with the study.

In 2012, GSK settled with the DOJ for a massive $3 billion for the charge, which states that the article was paid by the drug company in order to exaggerate the usefulness of Paxil while downplaying its risks.

In November of last year, Hillary Clinton joined a summit with the Institute entitled The State of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Dr Koplewicz said of Hillary, who was celebrating the re-publishing of her It Takes A Village book:

“Secretary Clinton has been a forceful and effective advocate for child and adolescent mental health throughout her life. We look forward to a thoughtful, pragmatic discussion about making meaningful change in our children’s health, including and especially their mental well-being.”

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

A pediatric hospital in Columbus, Ohio, the Nationwide Children’s Hospital is connected to the Ohio State University College of Medicine was renamed to reflect a major cash gift from Nationwide Insurance. During the 2016 election cycle according to Open Secrets, individuals from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital gave over $12,000 to Clinton and $610 to Trump.

The Polls and Statistics

Nationwide Children’s Hospital contracted Harris Poll in order to quiz 2,000 Americans including 500 of which who were parents of children under the age of 18.

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Of the parents, 37% said that they knew at least one child, either theirs or another “in their life” that was in “need” of mental health support. According to Dr. David Axelrod, a doctor working as the Chief of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health with the Nationwide hospital,

“The survey confirms the public knows what the research shows, and what we see in the clinic — the need for pediatric behavioral health services is significant.”

But how significant, and how much it will we be told can only be solved by pricey drugs? The mental health of children isn’t in a vacuum, and since 2012 there has been a rise in diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. Like the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers who look around and say: There was nobody who had any allergies when I was growing up, what happened? It’s worthwhile to look to the breakdown of the family before saying that kids need to be medicated on a massive scale.

Suicide Rates for Young Black Youths Up

In March of this year we published a piece on Why Suicide Rates Among Young Blacks Are On The Rise. We tracked how media threw the blame around without looking at the causes, and how psychology professors were quick to speak to the media in order to blame “perceived racism.” But, there are other factors to consider.

About 1-in-4 fathers do not live with their children, but almost half of black fathers do not live with their children.

How Parents Are Dealing With Childhood Mental Health

Right now, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has a minimum number of child psychiatrists “needed” and none of the states fill the given requirement. I’m sure during the Civil War there were lots of child psychiatrists around to make sure that everyone felt safe and cozy.

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According to the Nationwide study conducted by Harris, 37% of Americans (both parents of minors and non-parents of minors) say that if kids don’t get access to the mental health care that they need, it’s because it’s too pricey. A third of families states that their insurance was “prohibitive” to receiving the care needed for their kids.

And now, Nationwide is jumping on the same bandwagon as the Child Mind Institute as they introduce a program that provides therapy for kids before they even begin to attend school in order to lower their risk of acting out, and to prevent some mental health issues.

Sounds like a lot of extra work and suffering when kids these days should be spending that time with mom and dad.

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