Kids Can’t Face Lockdown Drills

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Schools are scaring kids by running fake school massacre drills, and psychologists with a Democrat-controlled think tank who wants preschoolers to have psychiatrists is running to media with their hot takes.

These days, students are not only tested through fire drills, which was once a nice excuse to get out of class for half an hour. Now that the media has allowed news of school shootings to take over the news cycle at the first blush of an incident, children are being drilled on lockdowns, including how to hide in darkened rooms and how to run for their lives.

Amazing. It’s not gym class where the kids are getting their legs worked. It’s now “we’re all gonna die” class.

Child Mind Institute

For the second time in a week, we’re covering the Child Mind Institute, who were pushing towards assigning children to psychiatrists before they even hit school age. They say that millions and millions of kids will develop a mental health issue, which is good business for its founder. Dr. Harold Koplewicz was involved in promoting Paxil to kids before the drug’s creator settled with the Department of Justice for $3 billion after being charged with playing down its risks.

“A Hillary Clinton-supported child research institute with connections to a federally charged drug company says that millions of American children develop mental health disorders as teenagers and that doctors must work harder to diagnose and treat kids.”

Now, we have Dr. Kristin Carothers, a psychologist with the Child Mind Institute making her voice heard on the issue of lockdown drills. According to the Institute, she specializes in ADHD and behavior disorders in children.


CBS ‘Sit-Down With Students’

At the local station in New York, CBS invited Dr. Carothers to join the “discussion” along with a group of students ages 9 to 12 to talk about how they’re coping with the drills.

The students expressed various feelings about the lockdowns, echoing phrases and words they’ve learned from their teachers, parents and the media like “intruder” and talking about how parents don’t understand what it’s like to be squished into closets and wonder if it really is a madman this time.

Parents never understand, do they? Did you know that MTV used to play music videos, kids?

CBS went on to describe the series of blurbed interviews as “stoic,” and parents reacted like robots:

“It sounds like the school does a good job. It makes me feel safe for [my daughter].”

Your kid is being stuffed into a closet to play pretend that white supremacist misogynist video game player is going to shoot them in the head, and you’re happy with it? You’re just going to accept it? Because it’s free schooling and you get her out of the house for eight hours?

Dr. Carothers Tells Kids Anxiety is Normal

And then there’s Dr. Carothers of the Clinton-loving Child Mind Institute, telling everyone that they’re experiencing anxiety, but in this case, it’s a “good natural response.”

That’s right kiddos, feeling anxiety when your Spanish teacher tells you to ándale is the normal response. My response is that these teachers and schools are monsters for thinking that school shootings are so normal that kids should practice them. It’s horror porn for the administration, it’s not about safety for the kids.

Says the doc,

“Sometimes that response goes into overdrive and we think we’re in danger but we’re not in danger.”

That couldn’t have anything to do with the media screaming and blaring about how kids are being shot to death all over the country, right? Fires are scary too. Fires kill students, too, but kids don’t need a psychologist to sooth them on CBS after a fire drill.

“You can try to think, we call it a ‘coping thought,’ that ‘we’re practicing this drill to keep me safe, my teachers are doing everything they can to keep me safe.’ If you can keep that in your mind as you’re going through the drill it might help a little.”

There’s your answer. If ever you feel anxiety when Miss Edwards is screaming at you to drop your pencils and hide behind filing cabinets, repeat a mantra to yourself that it’s all going to be already, because my unionized teacher who hates guns is here.

Or train kids to ask their parents about homeschooling, which was the standard for millennia.

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Sources: CBS New York, Child Mind Institute.

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