John Kerry to Congress: Vote However You Like, as Long As You Agree with Obama

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Sometimes I wonder if John Kerry can even hear the words coming out of his mouth.

During Wednesday’s “NewsHour” on PBS, Kerry addressed the position of the Obama administration on Tennessee Republican Bob Corker’s new bill.

Obviously he is none to happy about Mr. Nuclear President being called out in his bizzaro backdoor deal with Iran, but seriously, is Kerry really trying to say what he is inferring?

Calm down, everyone, John Kerry is here.
Calm down, everyone, John Kerry is here.

Making it clear the bill can not “interfere” with the president’s deal, Kerry said “if it’s changed and adjusted and reflects the respect for the Constitution and the president’s prerogatives,” then Congress can vote.

Kerry said “The president is absolutely correct in making sure that what Congress does, does not assault presidential authority and the Constitution and doesn’t destroy his ability to be able to negotiate this final deal. That’s critical. And the president has said, if the bill is what it is today, written the same way it is today, then he’d veto it.”

Adding “But if it’s changed and adjusted, reflects the respect for the Constitution and the president’s prerogatives, while at the same time embracing congressional oversight and review, fine.”

“One other thing I would say to you is—Congress is going to vote.,” he continued. “Congress can vote any day it wants to. You know, the majority leader has the right to bring something to the floor and have a vote. So this is really, I think, a little bit excessive. The truth is, also, Congress will have to vote to lift, ultimately, some of the sanctions which are congressionally mandated. So we all understand the process here and I just think we need to be serious in a way that does not interfere with the president’s ability to pursue the foreign policy interests of our nation.”

Look, Kerry, if the American public, or Congress, even, had any faith that Obozo had even a shadow of a chance to be even slightly functional in any aspect of foreign policy, there wouldn’t be a need for any vote or ‘calling into question’ of his crazy deals with Iran. It’s already crazy enough to have this madman at the helm of our destiny – let’s not stop questioning him as we count the days until he leaves office.

H/T: Breitbart

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