Kennedy Blasts Trump’s Wall, Then Pictures of His House go Viral

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I have no idea what the Democrats were thinking when they chose Joe Kennedy to give the rebuttal to the State of the Union. Here’s a rich, white guy from a family with a history of mistreating woman giving the rebuttal for the party of the supposedly downtrodden. The choice alone shows how blind they are to their own hypocrisy.

But it gets even better when you look at the message of Joe Kennedy and then look at his real life. A picture of Joe Kennedy’s house has gone viral after Joe loudly proclaimed his disgust with Trump’s wall.

H/T Conservative Tribune

For a party trying to float by on feminist hashtags and regain lost blue collar voters, a Kennedy seemed an odd choice to give the rebuttal to the State of the Union.

And that was before they put him in front of a wrecked car.

Yet, even though the speech was a farrago of platitudes given by a wholly undeserving trustfunder who appeared to be drooling and was attired like a freshman high school athlete dressing up for game day, this was a Kennedy, after all — which meant the media had to find something to praise him for.

“And to all the Dreamers watching tonight, let me be clear: Ustedes son parte de nuestra historia. Vamos a luchar por ustedes y no nos vamos alejar. (You are a part of our story. We will fight for you. We will not walk away.) America, we carry that story on our shoulders,” Kennedy said.

“You swarmed Washington last year to ensure no parent has to worry if they can afford to save their child’s life.

“You sat high atop your mom’s shoulders and held a sign that read: ‘Build a wall and my generation will tear it down.’”

So, Joe Kennedy is essentially getting credit for a line written by someone else and taken off of a placard. If nothing else, this provides an ample glimpse into just how feverishly the media continues to perform CPR on the Kennedy legacy.

However, there’s another funny thing about the Kennedy legacy that’s worth pointing out: As a family, they actually seem to love walls. Just not along our Southern border.

For instance, let’s take a look at Rep. Kennedy’s house. It’s not exactly modest, and it’s got a rather familiar circumambient feature:

Oh look — a wall. And, as Julian Gillespie noted in a piece at The Daily Caller, “the young congressman failed to mention that generations of Kennedys preceding him have enjoyed the protections and sanctity provided by walls and extra security at compounds stretching from Cape Cod to Palm Beach.”

As usual, the leaders of the Democratic party are completely out of touch and play by a completely different set of rules than the rest of us.

Nancy Pelosi calls $1000 bonuses “crumbs” and we all remember how “broke” the Clinton’s proclaimed to be when they left the White House. If only I could decide if they are seriously that stupid, or just think we are?

Of course, between the obvious reasons Joe Kennedy was a bad choice to give their rebuttal couple with his drooling/chapstick/shiny substance look during the speech, it is safe to say this guy probably isn’t the rising star the Democrats would have hoped for.

Perhaps they should have asked Maxine Waters to give the rebuttal instead. Oh wait! She lives in a $4.5 million mansion even though she represents one of the poorest congressional districts in the country. Is there no one in their party that isn’t a complete hypocrite?

Maybe the reason they chose Joe Kennedy is because there truly is nobody in their party that actually does live a lifestyle that is congruent with the socialism they all so desire. They are all hypocrites. Every last one of them. So I guess go for the good looking, young white guy and hope people just ignore the blatant hypocrisy oozing out of his mouth.

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