Kelsey Grammer: Trump is Accomplishing What Washington ‘Clowns’ Couldn’t ‘For the Last 50 Years’

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Hollywood star Kelsey Grammer has had enough with all the bickering and has lambasted the ‘Washington Do Nothing Clowns’. He admits that Trump has ‘shaken things up’ and believes it is a good thing for the American people. The discussion came up as Grammer was asked if he felt marginalized being one of the few conservatives in Hollywood.

“Can I ask you, Kelsey, because we were talking obviously about today’s politics and it’s very divisive, very partisan, whether it’s in the United States, whether it’s here. began Christiane Amanpour on PBS’s Amanpour and Company.

“You are one of those rare Hollywood beasts who is conservative, and you voted for Donald Trump. And I just wonder, what, whether you sort of took any hits in Hollywood for that? Did you feel that you were sort of marginalized?” continued Amanpour, looking obviously for Grammer to say something negative about Trump.

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But Grammer hit back:

“I’m not aware of taking a hit for it but now, certainly passions run high, and certainly he has touched on an extraordinarily passionate response. I don’t know if it’s as serious or horrible as everybody wants it to be,” he stated.

The back and forth continued, with Amanpour consistently looking for something, anything….

AMANPOUR: I was wondering whether you thought the sort of, many people believe this sort of fabric is being disrupted.

GRAMMER: Well I think fabric being disrupted is a good thing.


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GRAMMER: Oh yeah. I don’t think Washington didn’t do us any favors for the last 50, 60 years, I think they’ve all been sort of the same party, the same bunch of clowns, the same bunch of really unpleasant people.

AMANPOUR: It’s politics.

GRAMMER: And I don’t think they’ve been helping anybody but themselves.

Grammer held out on a positive note: “And the American people will be just fine, too. We’ve been through a lot worse.”

He also suggested that some of the negative headlines are fake news, saying, “I don’t know if it’s as serious or horrible as everybody wants it to be.”

Grammer has long been out-spoken about his conservative beliefs. In 2015, he clearly shook up the left with a strong pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment combo stand he took with a wardrobe choice.

The Frasier actor’s wife Kayte had posted a photo to her Instagram page showing Grammer wearing a T-shirt from pro-life organization

The T-shirt’s message, referring to abortion: “Would it bother us more if they used guns?”

Of course, Grammer’s conservative political leanings have been well-known for years. The actor founded conservative TV station RightNetwork in 201

Grammer once told Fox News that it’s “easy” being a Republican in Hollywood “because I was such a revolutionary. As soon as somebody tells me how I’m supposed to think, I’m going the other way.”

Grammer did acknowledge that Barack Obama being the first black man elected president was “a milestone for this country” and “a wonderful thing” but that he didn’t buy into the concept of “hope” associated with the two-term president. He said he looked at it as “a little bit of a scam.”

“The hope thing — I don’t think hope can be given by a politician or by a vote. I think that comes from god. And it’s not a policy. There’s no politic cachet in hope, except it may get some votes.”

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