Katy Perry’s Bright Idea On How To Stop Global Terrorism!

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The insanity of the liberal leftists just continues to amaze me. The liberal leftists truly believe that “love will conquer all”. It’s just insane! They don’t believe we need guns or our 2nd Amendment to fight radical Islamic terrorists – just love. Seriously?

Both liberal artists, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, believe we should just turn to all those around us, including the radical Islamic terrorists, and just let love heal the world. How insane is that?! Even after the gruesome and horrific attacks in London, Manchester, Paris and other cities around the world continue, these liberal leftists idiots believe “love” will stop the global carnage of radical Islamic terrorists.  They REALLY need to get a clue!

In England, alone there have been at least 3 terrorists attacks in the last 5 months. In March, a terrorist drove a vehicle on the Westminister Bridge and mowed down pedestrians before stabbing a police officer and being killed himself – 40 injured, 6 killed. In May, at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, a suicide bomber killed 22 and injured another 59. In June, on the London Bridge, three terrorists drove a van into innocent bystanders and patrons at restaurants killing 8 and injuring 48.

Does Katy Perry seriously believe Americans and others around the world can solve the real threat of radical Islamic terrorism by just hugging a terrorist?

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Pop star Katy Perry had some very strong and, well, air-headed words for the audience of the concert she performed in Manchester, England, on Sunday, the city where a terrorist attack took 22 innocent lives less than a month before, and less than a full day after the London terrorist attack that has claimed the lives of seven more.

Would you believe that the performer would have us “choose love?”

Well, that’s exactly what she said during the concert, and it’s enraging a lot of people.

“It’s not easy to always choose love, is it, especially in moments like this… but love conquers fear and love conquers hate, and this love you choose will give you strength, and it’s our greatest power,” she said, according to Townhall.

“As you stand here, all of you here… standing next to a stranger… just touch the next person, touch the person next to you. Tell them, ‘I love you,’ look in their eyes,” she continued.

Um, no thanks.

“I encourage you to choose love, even when it’s difficult. Let no one take that away from you.”

Here’s some news for you, Katy. Love is a beautiful sentiment, a noble goal and the essence of a Christian life. But even the greatest Christian theologians recognize the concept of a “just war,” and love doesn’t win wars like the one that’s facing the world now.

Still, I choose to love.

I choose to love my family. My parents, my brother and sister, my fiance. I love my friends, too.

And there are people in this world who want to see them all hurt — because that is the nature of the terrorists fighting a war against the West today. It might be different for a pop star princess who’s surrounded constantly by highly trained, competent security, but for a normal civilian, it’s suicidally naive.

So, no. I will not be loving terrorists any time soon, and sometimes, “choosing love” is not enough.

It certainly was not enough for the seven dead and dozens wounded from the London terror attack less than a week ago. It wasn’t enough for the 22 who died in Manchester in May.

And it won’t be enough to stop terrorists from targeting their next round of victims.

Hey Katy! It’s time to get REAL! It’s time to step out from behind your nice big body guards with guns, nice high security walls around your mansions, and deal with the REAL facts that most average Americans are dealing with.

It is time for some REAL honesty. Not the typical political sound bites. In early 2016 the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the organization published a study on trends in radical Islamic terrorism. The data was frightening, two statistics stand out. Fatalities from terrorist attacks had increased 744 percent from 2007-2011 to 2014-2015.  The average annual fatalities had increased from roughly 3,200 deaths per year to approximately 27,000 deaths per year. The number of terrorist attacks during that time increased by roughly 500 percent.

Katy Perry and others need to realize that the false narrative that Obama gave Americans – ‘we are winning the war against terrorism’ – was just that, a FALSE narrative.  Obama wanted everyone, including Katy Perry, to believe that the war on terrorism was being won, but of course, that was all just a lie.

It is worth highlighting two predictions from a 2016 IPT report. The analysis concluded that “Islamist attacks in Europe will increase over the next 18-24 months.” The report also notes that “Europe’s security systems will become more stressed and unable to respond to the rising challenges associated with the mass migration of refugees. Violence in Europe will increase in size and scope as Islamists exploit its nearly unregulated immigration system and Muslim enclaves such as Molenbeek in Brussels become more widespread.”

Looks like those predictions and facts are becoming true, unlike Obama’s false narrative that Katy Perry and other leftist liberals bought into. So, whether Perry wants to believe it or not, radical Islamic terrorism is a systemic problem and threatens our nation and others. It is a threat to our freedom. A threat that you can NOT solve by just hugging it out with a terrorist. That is just TOTALLY insane!

Radical Islamic terrorist attack innocent children and women. They rape and mutilate young females. These same terrorists lure children with candy and so they can be radicalized. They lure children with ice cream trucks and then set off bombs. They also set off bombs in concerts where mostly young females and innocent bystanders attend. They even use vans as weapons to mow down innocent pedestrians on bridges.

If Katy Perry REALLY believed that just hugging a terrorist would solve the threat of worldwide radical Islamic terrorism, don’t you think she would have removed her own body guards with guns and high security fences around her $18 million mansion by now? Come on people! This is the same liberal nutjob that said “no borders…no barriers”. The same person that supported Hillary Clinton for President and was a supporter of #LoveTrumpsHate…SERIOUSLY?!

It’s thanks to Obama and Clinton that as a nation we are in this predicament in the first place! It was Obama’s “open borders” and insane flood of unvetted illegal immigrants that led to the terrorists attacks on American soil – like Orlando, San Francisco and Boston. It was Obama who pulled troops out of the Middle East too early, when advised by his military officers out in the field not to, which allowed ISIS to grow.

The real solution to fighting terrorism is killing it off, before these same terrorists cause more destruction and death in America and other countries around the world. Sorry Katy, but hugs and songs are just NOT going to solve the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. But hey, don’t worry, you’ve still got your $280 million to fly off in your private jets with your armed bodyguards and enjoy the world spreading your songs and anti-Trump message. You’re still ‘chained to the rhythm’…

The fact is 2017 will probably be recorded as one of the dealiest years in the war against terrorism. Countries around the world will have to unite to defeat this animal. President Trump will lead in the fight against terrorism by closing our borders, vetting immigrants properly and more closely, and using law enforcement agencies to work together at local, national and world levels with other countries around the world to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

Much to Katy Perry’s delusional “Mind Maze”, radical Islamic terrorism will NOT be solved by singing songs and hugging one another. If that were the case, there would not have been a suicide bomber at the Mancester concert where little girls were jumping up and down, singing songs and probably hugging one another before a suicide bomber ripped their lives away from their loving parents.

I’m sorry, but as Americans you can believe we are going to hang on to our guns to defend our nation’s freedom against terrorism.

Maybe Katy Perry should do a benefit oncert in Afghanistan or Syria – you kno – closer to “no barriers” or “no borders” and try taking her IDIOTIC message to the real source of the problem and just try to ‘hug it out’ with ISIS.


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