Kathy Griffin Tells Aussies: ‘There’s A Nazi in the Oval Office’ And ‘Trump Folks’ Are ‘Psychos’

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What a craven coward Kathy Griffin is. She was afraid to bash Trump on American soil, so she went to Australia to do it.

On the Australian talk show “The Project,” comedienne Kathy Griffin said President Donald Trump was a “Nazi” and that “Trump folks” were “psychos.”

She evidently took a page from Hillary Clinton’s book about going to the foreign media and vomiting Trump-hatred. Griffin looks old to me in that haircut.

She also looks angry and bitter. Hate will do that to you. The only thing that shocks me here is the Aussies embracing this moonbat.

Kathy Griffin Tells Aussies: ‘There’s A Nazi in the Oval Office’ And 'Trump Folks' Are 'Psychos'

Griffin couldn’t wait to lay into Trump.

“First of all, the accidental president is what I call him. He is not here, is he? Because I’m scared of that guy. I was under a two-month federal investigation for taking a picture of a mask. Yes, I’m excommunicated from my own country, so I’m here doing a world tour. We have to make fun of him because he is so ridiculous and dangerous. And I actually have known this fool. I am going to call him a moron and also a Nazi. Americans are like skittish about calling him a Nazi, but he is a Nazi. There’s a Nazi in the Oval Office. I just have some news for you so heads up.” ‘Nazi’ is a term of last refuge for leftists and I consider it a sign of a weak character.

And Griffin went on, “He’s just a big liar, and he is awful, and everybody should get rid of him soon. I don’t mean violently. What I mean is vote him out.” I get it, Kathy. You hate Trump. She added, “The death threats and the death threats to my mother and to my sister, who recently passed away from cancer—that’s why I shaved my head in solidarity, so I’m rocking the short hair in her honor.”

Griffin added,

“These Trump folks self-identify as deplorable, like as if that is a good thing They are psychos. They’re nuts. I’m here to apologize. I’m sorry we have put this guy on everybody else’s lap. I don’t know what’s happening in my own country.”

 Kathy Griffin is a stone cold liar.

What she doesn’t say is she was estranged from her mother and treated her like crap. She also doesn’t mention how she bullied and threatened Barron Trump or Sarah Palin’s kids and grandkids. Griffin is on her ‘victim’ tour.

She brought all of this on herself. I think that Kathy thought going all ISIS and waving around a fake severed head of President Trump was funny and she paid the price for it. It was incitement to violence and a death threat in my book. She traumatized little Barron Trump and has no idea what America is about. The only psycho in all of this is Griffin herself.

I’ll say this much, going across the globe to dare to call Trump a Nazi is just moronic and cowardly. She comes off as the radical nut case she is. Griffin is also in an all out battle with her ex-attorney Lesa Bloom. There’s a ton of name calling going on. Hopefully, and I mean this with all my heart, Griffin will go and stay gone. Our country is better off without this cloven-hoofed harpy.

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