Kate Steinle’s Killer, Illegal Immigrant Now SUING THE DOJ, Claiming Vindictive Prosecution!

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The illegal immigrant, Jose Garcia-Zarate, who was accused in the shooting death of Kate Steinle is charging the federal government with “vindictive prosecution” and collusion with city and state authorities. He’s also using President Trump’s tweets and public statements by him and his attorney general to make his case.

How insane is THIS?! I’m not feeling very supportive of the justice system lately. Are you?

First, there was OJ Simpson who appeared in a “lost” 2006 interview on Fox News. In the lost interview, OJ Simpson was blabbing his mouth off in a hypothetical account of his involvement in the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Come on man! I think we all know OJ did it, don’t we?

And if that wasn’t enough to cause you to distrust the justice system and feel sick to your stomach, we have this illegal immigrant, Jose Garcia-Zarate, who was deported MULTIPLE times, before he shot and killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, now suing our government. Of course he was acquitted, it’s California!

Makes me want to puke! Yes, not only was this moron acquitted, now it looks like the power hungry lawyers want more money for this illegal! They’re suing the government! You heard me!

In a filing this week in federal court in San Francisco, lawyers for Jose Garcia-Zarate demanded that that the federal government hand over its communications with local law enforcement agencies — the San Francisco police, district attorney’s office and sheriff’s office — to let him prove collusion and double jeopardy.

According to Attorney J. Tony Serra, he’s accused Mr. Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions of using his client as a political punching bag. He goes on to say their words suggest that Mr. Garcia-Zarate is being unjustly prosecuted.

“This case was highly publicized, both locally and nationally,” he wrote in the motion filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California.

“Almost immediately after the death of Ms. Steinle, then presidential candidate Donald Trump began to use Mr. Garcia-Zarate as the symbol of the dangers of illegal immigrants and the need for a wall between the United States and Mexico,” his filing says.

Well, of course, Trump did! I think all Americans can agree we need to build a border wall. Trump campaigned on it. It was one of the promises Trump made to his voters.

Mr. Garcia-Zarate was a perfect example of how Obama’s administration failed when it came to upholding the laws of immigration. This moron, Garcia-Zarate should have never been allowed back into our country in the first place, but he was.

An innocent victim, Kate Steinle died because of Mr. Garcia-Zarate, not because of anyone else. You can’t blame Steinle’s death on the government. Maybe on Obama, but not on the government.

Now this idiot, and by the way still ILLEGAL immigrant and his lawyers want to SUE the government for ‘vindicative prosecution’. Come on man!

The lawyer noted that Mr. Trump’s campaign continued after his client’s trial on state murder charges.

“Immediately after Mr. Garcia-Zarate was acquitted of the murder and assault allegations, President Trump maligned the verdict on Twitter, stating:

‘A disgraceful verdict in the Kate Steinle case! No wonder the people of our Country are so angry with Illegal Immigration,’” the filing reads.

In his state trial, Mr. Garcia-Zarate was found NOT guilty of murder and assault, but guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

He was sentenced to three years imprisonment, but promptly released for time served.

That’s right! OJ and Mr. Garcia-Zarate BOTH got off for murder as far as I’m concerned. Both are scumbags!

Mr. Garcia-Zarate’s lawyer, Mr. Serra, also noted in his recent filing that Mr. Sessions appeared on Fox News and said,

“…the federal government and President Trump are crystal clear: we are doing everything possible to get these [sanctuary] cities to reverse these policies.”

He said the Justice Department “is working right now to bring any charges that are appropriate” against Mr. Garcia-Zarate and “he is going to face every charge that is proper to be brought against him.”

The lawyer’s filing claims that the federal charges being brought against his client — being a felon in possession of a firearms and an illegal immigrant in possession of a firearm — five days after the state verdict are essentially the same conduct as the California charges.

According to Mr. Serra’s filing, the charges are double jeopardy and being filed by the federal government purely from vindictiveness to satisfy a political vendetta of Mr. Garcia-Zarate.

The filing is titled on every page “Garcia-Zarate Motion to Compel Discovery for Vindictive Prosecution and Violation of Double Jeopardy.”

How SICK is that?! It wasn’t enough that this illegal murdered Kate Steinle and was aquitted? Now, he has to SUE the government and waste more tax dollars? How sick is THAT?!

Like I said, between the recent “lost” interview from OJ and this recent news on Jose Garcia-Zarate, I’m just SICK of our justice system.

Where’s the justice for Nicole Brown Simpson? Where’s the justice for Kate Steinle?

If this illegal immigrant had been deported in the first place and NOT allowed back into our country, or IF there was a border wall protecting our legal citizens like Kate Steinle, maybe we could have prevented a life from being lost.

But any sane person would say, you can’t blame the gun and you can’t blame the NRA….that’s as insane as the students on the National Walkout Day blaming the gun and NRA for the 17 kids killed in Parkland, Florida.

Guns don’t kill people. Bad guys with guns kill people.

By the way….since the state of Californias hired Covington & Burling attorney and former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder to fight the Trump administration….stupid cases like this have been popping up in California’s court rooms.

Thanks Obama.



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