Kanye West: Democrats have ‘brainwashed’ black Americans and ‘made them abort their children’ in explosive new interview

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Opinion and speculation by Rodney Lee \\ KANYE WEST: ‘Democrats had us voting for Democrats with food stamps for years. What are you talking about guns in the 80s, taking the fathers out the home, Plan B, lowering our votes, making us abort children.’

Kanye West is a prophet. I’m not kidding one iota – this guy has more guts and vision than anyone since Thomas Sowell and that is good company.

I’m shocked to the core after seeing his interview with Big Boy TV because Kanye is officially off the white, liberal plantation and does not care about being vilified because Mr. West believes he is onto the truth. He is as dangerous, if not more, than Donald Trump where it concerns the power structure in Washington and the press – but I repeat myself – they are one in the same.

Kanye is not telling blacks or anyone else how to vote or who to support, and if you listen closely, he’s just saying stop bending to the establishment because they have led blacks down a dead end street for the past 40 years. It’s the truth and everybody knows it – that’s the sad thing – we all know what the problem is, but it is going to take a Kanye West and several others to put their careers, family and very lives on the line to get the truth at least listened to.

Open-mindedness is not being “woke,” and in fact the woke / cancel culture is nothing more than lemmings following activists off a cliff. “Woke” individuals are not preaching open-mindedness, free speech, or anything having to do with enlightenment.

Their message is simple: Agree with us on 100% of our agenda or we will shame you, get you fired, de-platformed, charge you with a hate crime, or in the case of many – chase you out of restaurants and assault you. This is Fascism-lite and Kanye West is not just speaking out against it – he’s past the Rubicon and gaining momentum.

I cannot think of anything more worthy of spreading than this video – and remember – Kanye has built with his own hands, an empire. He’s the real deal and has been chosen – there’s no doubt in my mind – you heard it here first. WATCH:

  • West argues that black Americans have given up their control and bargaining power by voting en masse for Democrats 
  • He further claims Democrats promote policies that are harmful to black Americans, including a support for abortion, which ‘lowers their population’ 
  • The born-again Christian rapper went on to say he wasn’t fearful of being ‘cancelled’ for his controversial views, stating: ‘I’m only afraid of my daddy, God’

When asked about his support for President Donald Trump, West explained that he doesn’t believe it is smart for black Americans to bloc vote for Democrats, claiming: ‘You are quite easily controlled if they know everybody gonna be blue [Democrat]. If you go to a white [person] bar, you gonna hear people talking Independent, you gonna hear people talking Democrat, you gonna hear people talking Republican’.

I know you’re reading this on social media right now, so i’m a hippocrate here, but he’s right about this as well: “.. social media is doing more to hurt families and families are the key to health.’

Watch your back, Kanye and if you need me to walk backwards behind you, I’ll watch your back. You are important. If you are out there, Mr. West, please contact me – I will do anything to help you. You are a brave soul, who very well could lead people to find common ground and find love in their hearts.

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