REPORT: Kaepernick Shopping For NFL Team Again Midst Quarterback Injuries

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It is being reported that Colin Kaepernick is desperately trying to get back into the NFL by contacting teams with injured players! Kaepernick has been unemployed since the 49ers let him go in 2016 after he stirred up a hornets nest by disrespecting the flag and national anthem. He has been looking for another team ever since, and even staying in shape, to no avail.

It seems, he will take anything at this point. Reportedly he is shopping for a backup position. Report is that Kaepernick’s agent “has been contacting teams” around the league that might need a new passer.

The Jets, Steelers, Jaguars and Saints all currently have injured or sick starters. The fans of each of those teams have seen rumors, and they are adamant! No Way!

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Seems the teams feel the same as well. The responses to the inquiries range from ‘not interested’ to flatly refusing to return the call!

Sports reporter Chris Williamson Tweeted that Kaepernick WANTS to play!

Williamson has been supporting Kaepernick all along, tweeting in 2018 that “Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by the league”

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I said three years ago when this whole mess started and he was dropped from the 49ers that he would never work again. It is pretty simple really. The reality is that any team that hired him would be in the media spotlight and it would be chaos. It would not be worth it for any team.

CBS Sports reports:

The 2019 NFL season has gotten off to a brutal start for the league’s quarterbacks, who are dropping like flies.

Through just two weeks, we’ve already seen Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees and Nick Foles go down with serious injuries. Cam Newton might also end up missing a game in Week 3 due to a foot problem and Sam Darnold is expected to miss multiple games due to mononucleosis.

With so many quarterbacks going down, it seems that Colin Kaepernick is hoping the 2019 season will be the year that his unofficial blackballing from the NFL finally comes to an end. According to SportsNet New York, Kaepernick’s agent has reached out to multiple teams this week in hopes of landing a job for his client.

If you’re wondering who Kaepernick’s agent has reached out to, Stephen A. Smith has that answer. According to the ESPN commentator, Kaepernick’s camp has contacted the Steelers, Jets and Saints.

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Unfortunately for Kaepernick, though, it doesn’t sound like those conversations went very well.

“I am being told that he has contacted — Colin Kaepernick’s agent and others — have contacted the Pittsburgh Steelers,” Smith said this week. “Essentially, they’re not interested. They’ve contacted the Jets, no word on them yet. They’ve contacted the Saints. They didn’t get their phone calls returned.”

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I have said it many times. This country was founded on protest. Just keep it on your own time. Don’t do it on your employer’s time. It is not your right to push it off onto your employer’s customer base. You don’t have the right to do it on your fellow employees time.

Do it on your own time. Risk your own reputation. Kaepernick cause major financial problems for the NFL. He caused a giant boycott, from both sides of the issue! It was all unnecessary.

Now he has made himself toxic. They aren’t going to hire him. You will never work for the NFL again Colin Kaepernick! I guarantee it!

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