Unemployment So Low Even Colin Kaepernick Got a Job Interview – Don Jr.

My question has been, is he really ready?

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President Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr, got a two-fer when he trolled Colin Kaepernick on social media over the weekend. He praised the jobs market, and made fun of the ‘work-out interview’ that the unemployed former quarterback blew off this last weekend. The NFL had given Kaepernick an opportunity to show the teams that he ‘still had it’, and at the last minute, he did not show up at the venue provided. You will note that last week, I predicted that he was not ready for it and very well was going to choke if he actually went.

The NFL had given Kaepernick a unique opportunity by the league on Saturday to prove that he deserves a shot to get back on the field despite the potential distraction the mediocre QB might pose for teams. 32 teams were invited and over 20 showed up, sending representatives to see firsthand what he had to offer.

Kaepernick has been crying for years that he had been continuing a very extensive workout, and has always been field ready. The problem is that no workout, no matter how intense, can replace the level that he would have had within the workings of the NFL, alongside league players.

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After agreeing to show up, at the last minute, Kaepernick suddenly refused to attend. Unannounced, he instead held his own workout at a high school with about a third of the number of scouts there. The former player then accused the league of “running” from him.

Then Don Trump Jr. got into the mix, which went viral.

The DailyWire reports:

The self-created fiasco has prompted even analysts from the Kaepernick-apologist four-letter network to slap the player-turned-social justice warrior for wanting to “play martyr” rather than “play ball.” The whole debacle also gave Donald Trump Jr. an excuse to work in a dig at his father’s least favorite former QB while celebrating the economic success of his administration.

“Trump has unemployment so low, even Colin Kaepernick got a job interview…” Trump Jr. posted on Instagram Monday along with a picture of his father giving the thumbs up.

Just weeks ago, the President seemed to have almost predicted that an opportunity to show Kaepernick’s abilities could come about.

The President was asked if he thought Kaepernick should get an opportunity to play again in the NFL.

President Trump simply said “only if he’s good enough.”

“Only if he’s good enough. If he was good enough, they’d hire him. Why wouldn’t he play if he was good enough? I think if he’s good enough, I know the owners – I know (Patriots owner Robert) Kraft, I know so many of the owners – if he’s good enough, they’d sign him. …”

“So I’d like to see it. Frankly, I’d love to see Kaepernick come in, if he’s good enough. But I don’t want to see him come in because somebody thinks it’s a good PR move.”

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My question has been, is he really ready?

Recently, Kaepernick even posted a video to his social media accounts, saying he’s “still ready”.  He did so not long after he settled a collusion grievance against NFL owners in February, alleging that the group denied him work over his outspoken activism.

In the video, Kaepernick was shown in a gym exercising and training with the message: “5am. 5 days a week. For 3 years. Still Ready,” a likely reference to his workout schedule to maintain his fitness.

But I would opine that he his not, and was rather wise to not show up to the workout. If he had, and choked, it would have definitely been the end.

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Last week, I wrote:

Another possibility is that Kaepernick, having been off the field and outside the REAL NFL regimen for 3 year, might just choke, ending it all. He has made a concentrated effort to continue to the best of his ability a strong consistent physical training routine. But can it sincerely rival that of which an NFL player has access too in all areas? I am thinking no matter how much effort he has put in on his own, it can’t compete in reality.

I give it a good chance he totally chokes.

Sorry Colin Kaepernick. You made this bed. I don’t think you will ever play again, and you did that to yourself. You cannot blame anyone else.

I have not changed my mind.


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