Kaepernick HUMILIATED After His ‘Workout’ Partner Gets An NFL Offer After Receiving ZERO Himself

Not ONE NFL team called Kaepernick back...

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Colin Kaepernick received no offers from any of the NFL teams that showed up at his recent ‘workout’ but what stings more is that the wide receiver that was catching for him DID! 24 teams came to represent and ‘check out’ Kaepernick’s skills and none of them reached back out for further inquiry. Kaepernick’s high-profile workout was on November 16 and NFL scouts, coaches and executives from every team was invited.

Jordan Veasy, who appeared on the field with Kaepernick was asked to try out for the Cleveland Browns.

Veasy was apparently doing a workout with the team this last Monday. According to Heavy.com, the Browns saw how good he was when they showed up to assess Kaepernick at the workout.

Nobody is sure what the outcome will be for Veasy, but for sure, he went further than Colin Kaepernick has done in the last three years. Sources say that when Kaepernick found out he went down to his knee and put his face in his hands. (Ok. No source said that, but you laughed didn’t you?)

But seriously, not one team reached back out to Kaepernick after the workout, yet many did make an effort, at the request of the NFL, to show up. Kaepernick then played the entitled victim and left the chosen venue top do the workout at a local High School at the last minute.

The Daily Caller expands:

The tryout is a longshot for Veasy, particularly since the Browns just picked up J’Mon Moore, but it is a bit sadly ironic for Kaepernick, regardless, now that no offer has come through from any NFL team that showed up to take in his recent demonstration of skill.

CBS Sports reported Wednesday that Kaepernick “hasn’t received a single phone call from any of the 32 teams,” even for a private visit or a second workout. The seven teams that attended Kaepernick’s event didn’t bite — and neither did any of the 25 teams that turned down the invitation.

Kaepernick’s agent told reporters Tuesday that the outcome isn’t surprising, though he blamed the NFL, not the individual teams.

“I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit pessimistic because I’ve talked to all 32 teams,” he said. “I’ve reached out to them recently, and none of them have had any interest. I’ll tell you this: No team asked for this workout. The league office asked for this workout.”

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When is he going to learn? I have said it more than a few times. America has protest woven into its historic fabric since it’s beginnings. Freedom of speech and our right to speak out what we believe is inherent in our Constitution within its very Frst Amendment.

But do it on your own time. Not your employer’s time. Definitely not on your co-worker’s time. Do nto do it on your employer’s customers time. There is no job, outside of political jobs, where it is ok to foist your political opinion on the customers. A bank teller would be fired. A grocery clerk would be fired.

Do it on your own time.

Kaepernick did this to himself. No team wants the baggage that comes with hiring him. He did that. He made that bed.

I would imagine that this was his last chance. CBS Sports reports that Kaepernick is exploring the possibility of holding a second workout, this time at the NFL’s Annual League Meeting. But something tells me that it is all over for Colin Kaepernick.


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