Jussie Smollett Scam May Bring Down Entire ‘Empire’ Now. Show’s Future in Grave Question

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Opinion I Questions and outrage surrounding the sweet deal afforded Jussie Smollett and his subsequent taunting of Chicago Police by publicly claiming he was innocent all along, now that the 16 charges have been dropped, is hitting the show “Empire” hard. Jussie was cut from the final two episodes this season and now studio executives need to figure out if Smollett has scuttled the entire hit show.

Why did Jussie Smollett do two days of “community service” for a crime he has tearfully claimed he never committed? Who told him to do that? Not the court, not the District Attorney, no one said he had to do community service – but he did it anyway, in secret. Why? And why does the “community service” involve Jesse Jackson and his ‘Rainbow Coalition’? Suddenly, between Smollett’s $10,000 bail bond and the two days spent wowing the volunteers over at the Rainbow Coalition, the Chicago District Attorney’s office had reason to drop 16 Grand Jury charges? Wow. That’s convenient.

To the question of whether Jussie is guilty or not, consider this:

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx on Wednesday defended the decision by her staff to drop charges that “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett staged a racist, anti-gay attack in January. Foxx recused herself before Smollett was charged last month because she had discussed the case with a Smollett family member. The case was handed to First Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Magats.

Magats ultimately was the one who made the decision to drop the charges, but when asked directly; “Does this exonerate Jussie Smollett?” – he replied definitively: No. Does he believe Jussie Smollett is innocent of the charges? No. Do you think he faked his own hate crime against himself? Yes.

But the most damning and sick part of this whole affair is the Judge in the case immediately sealing the case shut and closed away so we will never know exactly what Chicago Police and the Grand Jury had on Smollett to charge him with 16 crimes which had him facing dozens of years in prison if convicted. And the evidence we know of is laughable. The brothers (black, not white) were friends he colluded with on the hoax have copped to the whole thing and were even on videotape buying the ‘noose’ rope and other materials for the fake crime. Smollett paid them with a check.

Now believe it or not – just when you thought Avanetti was the biggest sociopath on earth – one of Smollett’s lawyers, Tina Glandian, says the reason Smollett told police he thought his Nigerian attackers were white was because they may have been in ‘white-face’.

Because one of the brothers appeared in a YouTube video with white make-up years ago, the two must have attacked Jussie Smollet, posing as white people. … yep – you’ve heard it all now. Only the lying mind of a paid lying lawyer could say this with a straight face.

And speaking of sociopaths, why would a highly-paid, famous actor on a hit show, with the brightest future anyone could ever hope for, do something like this? Not enough attention? You’re on network TV, my friend – what could Smollett possibly be thinking?

He may have just screwed everyone on that show out of massive pay-checks. Not only is Smollett persona non grata in Chicago – he might be in big trouble in Hollywood for bringing down the entire “Empire” show – cast, crew, producers – everything:

Deadline Hollywood reports: Fox Entertainment now run by Charlie Collier is looking at public opinion and some hard upcoming deadlines that along with Windy City politics may force its hand regarding the show, “Empire.”

Fueled by ongoing outrage from outgoing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and others, the growing blast radius from the controversial decision by state prosecutors finds the home of Empire in a tricky position over what to do with the series and one of its stars. It’s a position that seems headed  towards Empire coming back for another season, but most likely without Smollett, who has always claimed and continues to insist that he is innocent.

First, the actor is still being investigated in a federal probe over a potentially self-penned, hate-filled letter that arrived on theEmpire set earlier this year. The USPS said little about the case, which could see Smollett face 5-20 years in jail. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared that the State’s Attorney’s decision to drop the case — with the actor getting 16 hours of already-served community service and forfeiting a $10,000 bond — was a “whitewash of justice.” He also wants to see the city properly compensated for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs the cops are estimated to have spent on Smollett’s case.

Already written out of the final two episodes of the series’ current fifth season, Smollett’s option is up in late June. That gives the now Disney-owned 20th Century Fox TV and the Lachlan Murdoch-run Fox network some time to gauge which way the wind is blowing and, as one source said, “cut their losses if need be” by opting not to bring Smollett back.

But even the show itself may be in trouble from the backlash, which Smollett continues to make worse:

Email and text messages provided to the Chicago Sun-Times by Foxx’s office show former first lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff Tina Tchen contacted Foxx a few days after the report of the attack to set up a telephone conversation with a Smollett relative. Foxx told the Sun-Times the relative expressed concerns over leaked information that media outlets attributed to “police sources.” Foxx then called Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to ask him to let the FBI investigate the alleged attack. The contacts were cited by Foxx in recusing herself from the case on Feb. 13, well before Smollett was charged.

An attorney for Smollett late Wednesday blasted Chicago officials , saying they have “continued their campaign against Jussie Smollett after the charges against him have been dropped.” Defense attorneys have said Smollett’s record was “wiped clean” of the 16 felony counts he’d faced. The actor told reporters Tuesday that he had “been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one.”

I’m with Shakespeare.

You’re FIRED! Jussie Smollett Character Removed From Empire Season Finale




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