Jumped the Shark: Latest Polling Proves Democrats In BIG Trouble Despite All Their Fake Outrage

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In recent weeks, the Democrats have increased their outrageous rhetoric with ‘Impeachment’, ‘Constitutional Crisis’ and ‘Cover-Up’, but it seems they may have jumped the shark! The most recent polls show Democrats have severely lost ground since the Mueller Report was released, and it is worsening! Majorities believe that Obama illegally spied on Trump and that the FBI was acting in a partisan manner, not for national security when it began it’s spying.

We all remember when the TV show, Happy Days created the saying, ‘Jumped the Shark’ when they crossed the line of sanity and had the Fonz water ski over a shark in Hawaii. It was the end of Happy Days. They had gone too far.

That moment was viewed as a desperate ratings stunt by a dying television series struggling to keep viewers engaged. Today, the phrase has come to define similar instances of desperation.

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Well if current polling says anything of truth, the Dems have ‘Jumped the Shark’!

The President’s polling is at all time highs, and even above where Obama was at the same point in his presidency.

2/3 of the country believe that the FBI knew that the debunked Russia Dossier was a fake when they used it to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Even with in the ‘hate the President’ crowd, the number who are confident the FBI did not spy illegally has fallen six points in recent weeks.

These numbers can only get worse as the Huber and Horowitz investigations reveal what was really going on in the Obama DOJ and with Hillary Clinton.

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Breitbart gives some great stats from the latest polling by Scott Rasmussen.

This poll of 1,002 registered voters was taken between May 18-19 and has all kinds of bad news for an establishment media that has desperately tried to cover up all the wrongdoing committed by the Obama White House, Obama’s FBI, Obama’s Justice Department, and Obama’s intelligence services — all the dirt they did in the run up to the 2016 presidential election and the two months afterward until President Trump was sworn in.

A clear majority of 58 percent believe the FBI was trying to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump for the presidency. Only 42 percent believe the FBI wanted to help Trump, probably based on disgraced ex-FBI Director James Comey’s news conference where he basically proved Hillary violated all kinds of laws regarding classified information … and still let her off the hook.

When asked if the “Obama Administration use[d] government agencies to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign,” 47 percent said yes, while 53 percent said no. In other words, nearly half the voting public believe Obama spied on Trump.

A plurality of 49 percent want an investigation into “whether the FBI illegally spied on the Trump campaign,” while only 29 percent oppose the idea (22 percent say they are not sure).

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A plurality of 46 percent also believe the “FBI investigation of the Trump campaign [was] motivated primarily by political considerations,” while only 32 percent believe the motive was “national security concerns.” Twenty-two percent are not sure.

A majority of 52 percent know the FBI did not “inform the judge that the dossier was paid for the Clinton campaign” when requesting the FISA warrant. Only 24 percent believe (falsely) that the FBI did the tell the court to the truth.

Most damning is on the question of whether the FBI knew the information in the debunked Russia dossier was unreliable prior to requesting the first FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Sixty-four percent said it is very to somewhat likely, while only 36 percent disagree.

In other words, 64 percent of voters believe the FBI knew it was using unreliable information to obtain a warrant to spy on a presidential campaign.

Overall, this poll is still more proof of how ineffective the media is at covering up the truth and misinforming the people.

The Democrats have lost control of the narrative and are in serious trouble. They cannot come close to debating against the economy or the results of President Trump’s foreign policy. They cannot defend the crazy rush to the left on abortion and other leftist ideology.

All they have had was to beat up on Donald Trump himself, and that is failing miserably.

Add to that the Civil War that is occurring within their own ranks, and it is starting to spell disaster for 2020!

Keep the popcorn coming!



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