Is Julian Assange Slow-Playing Hillary?

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Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame released 20,000 emails that were hacked from the Democratic National Committee’s servers.  He released them last week, just in time for the Democrats Convention in Philadelphia.  There is speculation from the FBI that the servers were hacked by the Russians who then gave the information to Wikileaks.  I find it interesting that they can figure out it was the Russians that hacked the Democrats but the don’t have a clue who hacked Hillary’s email server.

The emails are very instructive.  You can find a more complete list here, but we’ll cherry-pick some beauties for you.

Here’s the DNC requesting an MSNBC commentary segment to be pulled.

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Can you imagine what MSNBC would do if Republicans asked for that?  The media in general and MSNBC in particular is nothing more than the DNC’s public relations arm.

Here we have the DNC using a Super PAC to pay young voters to shill for Hillary against Bernie Sanders supporters online.

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This is why a large chunk of Sanders supporters will either vote for Trump, vote Green, or stay home.

Remember the media?  Here’s the DNC feeding questions to CNN.

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Any question about whether CNN is staffed by Democrats with bylines?

How about those “protests” at Trump rallies?

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There are hundreds of these and if you’ve got just a little time it’s worth taking a look at what the Democrats are up to.  The Democratic Party is a criminal conspiracy masquerading behind the facade of a political party.

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