Joy Behar Claims That Trump Thinks His Voters Are Stupid; Rallies Are Fake, Full of Paid Actors

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Just when you think that maybe, just maybe, you won’t have to listen to the vile vitriol of The View’s Joy Behar anymore, she opens her trap again and the media drools over it. First, she whined that the president’s son’s Halloween costume was insensitive to animals. On Friday’s show, they also complained about a 2020 Trump campaign ad, which Joy Behar declared was full of paid actors “just like the ones who go to his rallies.” Note to Joy… you can’t pay 10,000+ people to attend a rally no matter how wealthy you are… see Tupelo, Mississippi last week as just one of many examples.

Of course, that hardly matters to Behar. All she does is pontificate and lie. The shrews of The View started off by recapping Halloween. The co-hosts cooed and oohed over Behar’s “quid pro quo” t-shirt that she was wearing. That’s just massively stupid and infantile. Then came an image of Donald Trump Jr. with his girlfriend, former FNC host Kimberly Guilfoyle, dressed up as a hunter and a witch, respectively ie: “witch hunt.” That sent them over the edge and suddenly they became animal rights activists: “He’s a real hunter He likes to kill animals,” Sunny Hostin declared. Behar sneered, “Why would you brag about something like that?”

From NewsBusters:

“This comes just one week after they defended Whoopi Goldberg for being targeted by PETA for admitting she likes bacon.

“Hostin repeated again, “He kills animals,” in case we didn’t hear her the first time. Friday co-host Ana Navarro however, thought he should be wearing a prison suit:

“Maybe he should have worn a prison suit. Orange is the new black,” she cracked as the audience and hosts chuckled.

“That was when Behar announced that Don Jr. and Guilfoyle would be coming on The View next week which made their audience gasp and boo at the news. Their liberal fans on Twitter reacted as if they were bringing Satan himself onto stage.

“Afterwards, all of the hosts, saved for Miami resident Ana Navarro, cheered President Trump’s decision to move his home residence to Florida. Behar actually thought this would hurt President Trump, because New Yorkers didn’t like Trump so that meant Floridians wouldn’t either when he moved there, because #logic:

“When he lived in New York, New York did not vote for him. Now they’re going to get to know him a lot in Florida, they will not vote for him there either!” she gushed. The hosts went on to trash a 2020 Trump campaign ad against impeachment.

“There was not one black woman in that ad!” Hostin gushed, repeating “They couldn’t pay a black actress, enough money to be in it!”

“Joy Behar claimed the ad was fake just like the people who go to his rallies: “To me that says that the Republican party thinks that their constituents are stupid because it says nothing. Those are all paid actors just like the ones who go to his rally.”

“She ended the segment hysterically ranting that if Trump is not impeached all Hell will break loose:

If he gets away with this, who’s to say he can’t get away with anything? He’ll go into your taxes if you disagree with him. The next president can break all the laws. Americans need to understand what’s at stake here. It’s not just your pocketbook and, you know, they get whatever he said they’re getting, tax breaks. It’s the constitution. It’s the environment!

Behar is so full of hate for Trump she just can’t see that thousands of people showing up for Trump at every rally are the real deal. Maybe a couple of dozen show up for Biden’s and a few more for Sanders and Warren but they don’t even come close to Trump’s rallies.

I’m shocked that The View is still on the air. They denigrate and belittle more than half the country all the time. Plus, they are boring as all get out. They say the vilest and stupidest things I’ve ever heard. I literally cringe when I go into an office and The View is on. I just can’t watch those harpies.

Americans who vote for Republicans and Trump aren’t the stupid ones here. It’s those close-minded elitists like Joy Behar that show how dumb they are every single time they open their mouths. As Gregg Jarrett astutely put it: “Maybe she is thinking of paying people to watch The View to grow their depleting audience?” Now, that I could believe.

Sources: NewsBusters, The Gateway Pundit, Gregg Jarrett, Wayne Dupree, News Punch, David Harris Jr., The Liberty Eagle

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