Josh Earnest CRITICIZED The Media! Shocking Response To Trump Coverage

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During President Obama’s administration one of the most well known Press Secretary’s he had was Josh Earnest. Now Sean Spicer has taken over his role. Despite being the mouthpiece of the progressive administration Earnest is now calling out the media for their coverage of Donald Trump.


Earnest argued that the media has been too sensitive and become easily flustered in their coverage of President Trump and his administration. The former Press Secretary spoke at Harvard University earlier this past week where he said the following,

Journalism, for an institution that is focused on critiquing people in power, is remarkably thin-skinned. And we’ve seen President Trump cynically use the tendency of the press to defend itself, and to bristle at criticism, to try to distract from the tough questions that the media is asking him.”

The media and the new administration have had a contentious relationship at best. The President has consistently called numerous outlets fake news and said the media is the enemy of the people. A Quinnipiac University poll found that 39 percent of voters as well as 81 percent of voters who are Republican do believe that certain organizations are enemies of the American people.

The President has castigated media outlets for not adequately and appropriately representing the people and having an agenda of their own. He has spoken against the use of anonymous sources and argued that they are simply made up. To an audience at CPAC he said,

I’m against the people that make up stories and make up sources.They shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name. Let their name be put out there. Let their name be put out.”

Earnest also said,

I don’t think President Trump has a grand ambition to erase the First Amendment from the copy of the Constitution in the National Archives. I just think he often finds the First Amendment to be really, really inconvenient. He’d rather pretend it doesn’t exist or that it’s not that important or that it’s somehow malleable. It’s undeniable that these political conversations are more present in our day-to-day lives, for better or worse. Sometimes it’s a source of conflict and friction in our lives, but a more engaged citizenry can only be good for the country.”

It almost appears as if Earnest was defending the President. In all reality at least part of what he said is accurate. Trump wants good coverage and correct coverage, and he lashes out when he doesn’t get it, and he doesn’t like it when he gets bad press. Thus, the outbursts. But beneath it all is no maleficient plan to destroy the media.

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