Jon Stewart Slams Liberal “Hypocrisy” and… Wait – What? [VIDEO]

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Former Comedy Central talk show host John Stuart took a shot at liberals in an interview with Charlie Rose, a Democratic operative with a byline who works at CBS. Rose was interviewing Stuart about his new book and ask him to weigh in on Donald Trump’s stunning election.

Later in the interview Stewart noted that Donald Trump’s win was a reaction not just to the Democratic leadership, but to the Republican establishment. On that point, Stewart is wrong. Trump’s election was a shot across the bow of the Republican establishment, by-and-large Trump voters have given up on Democrats. This election was a message to Republican leaders that the status quo won’t work anymore.

Republicans have elected conservatives to the House and Senate and record numbers in 2010, and again in 2014, and the Republican leadership simply ignored the message and continued their work with Democrats to undermine America.

Those days are over.

I thought Stewart’s comments about tribalism were instructive. Just not in the way he intended it.

Democrats have worked their fingers to the bone for 50 years to infuse tribalism back into America. Prior to Lyndon Johnson, America was a place where people came to become Americans with the hopes of participating in “the American dream.” E Plurbus Unum, “out of many, one.” Immigrants came to America to assimilate.

Today, thanks to Democrats and Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain, immigrants come to America to establish their failed countries here. Assimilation is a thing of the past.

It’s like liberal Californians who tire of high taxes and excessive regulation moving to other states where they can feel free. The problem is, they bring their California politics with them and destroy their new home state.

The idea of controlling immigration actually supports Stewart’s thesis that tribalism doesn’t work. As Americans, we have a right to say who is allowed to immigrate. Clearly, given our current state of affairs, groups that insist on retaining their pre-immigrant identities should not be allowed residency in America. It’s time to take the hyphens out of “America.” Those hyphens are nothing but a demonstration of tribalism, separation, and destruction.

It’s going to be an interesting four years in the first term of Donald Trump’s presidency.

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