John McCain is Not Going Out Gracefully: Dying Senator Bashes Sarah Palin to NY Times, HBO:

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McCain has released another verse from his upcoming memoir, saying he should’ve picked a pro-abortion former Democrat instead of Sarah Palin for his running mate.

The 81-year-old Sen. John McCain of Arizona is making sure that only RINOs and Democrats will attend his funeral, as he publishes yet another memoir with the introduction that he’s only free to say these things because he’ll be dead soon.

New Book Co-Written by Trump-Hating Hillary Voter

As we first announced a few days ago, the soon-to-be-released memoir of John McCain titled The Restless Wave is being called his “most personal in years” and takes on the mantle of a “no-holds-barred” book.

“The book is co-authored by McCain’s speechwriter Mark Salter, and it will cover present issues as well as the 2008 campaign. Salter has worked with McCain on at least 6 of his books, and he has earned credit for his role as a ghostwriter. Later, Salter would ghostwrite a glowing book about Barack Obama. In 2016, Salter announced that he would support the liar Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump for President.”

Co-author Mark Salter started working for McCain in the late 1990s and was the man responsible for the abysmal speeches and bad attitude offered by McCain during his losing campaign.

The first excerpt of the book, released through Apple as a way to sell iPads, pushes the notion that McCain is releasing the book in order to speak his mind before dying of stage 4 brain cancer. So far, it looks terrible. The book, not the prognosis.

New Excerpts Show Terrible Personality

In the book, the two-headed McCain and Salter agree that John had leaned toward picking Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Democrat-turned-Independent from Connecticut. The revelation that McCain wanted someone other than Palin was handed over to the left wing turkeys at the New York Times.

But, the overbearing double author wrote that his “gut” told him that he should ignore the fact that Lieberman is pro-abortion. McCain’s advisers rightly said that Republicans wouldn’t be too fond if McCain picked up someone who wasn’t pro-life for his campaign.

Lieberman was the Vice Presidential nominee for the Democrats under Al Gore in 2000. While attending Tale, Lieberman roomed with Richard Sugarman who would go on to be an adviser to Bernie Sanders during the 2016 campaign.

During the 1990s, while he publicly attacked Bill Clinton for his treatment of Monica Lewinsky, he chickened out and voted to keep him in office instead of for impeachment.

Of course there’s no such thing as a political memoir from a loser without a swipe taken at President Trump.

McCain/Salter said that Trump cares more for “the appearance of toughness” than American values, which is not a line that will age well once Trump received his Nobel Peace Prize for striking a peace deal between North and South Korea.

Well, that’s why President Trump is Mr. President and McCain is the guy who doesn’t know when he’s worn out his welcome.

McCain’s New HBO Documentary, Because Why Not

In my last years on this earth, I hope I have better things to do than to make HBO documentaries where I lash out at people more successful and popular than me and curse their names instead of cherishing my family.

In an upcoming documentary, McCain said that not choosing Lieberman for his arm candy was yet “another mistkae” in his political career.

Other mistakes in McCain’s political career is running for President, accusing Rand Paul of working for Vladimir Putin, voting against Trump and keeping Obamacare alive, colluding on the Russian Dossier to make sure the bogus document was released to the public in time for the election… 

Lieberman said that he was flattered that McCain felt that way, but wouldn’t commit to saying that he would’ve joined forces with the man.

Voters Preferred Palin in 2008

According to a Rasmussen Poll released on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, Republicans were happier with the Vice Presidential nominee than they were with the Presidential nominee as they went to the polls. On the Democrat side, party faithful felt good about both Obama and Biden.

Two months before that, one week after Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was introduced as McCain’s running mate, she was found to be viewed “very favorably” by 40% of respondents, which was a higher ranking than Joe Biden ever managed to achieve.

It was McCain that the voters didn’t like.


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