Joe Biden Verbally and Physically Accosts an Iowa Voter: Awkward Doesn’t Begin to Describe it [VIDEO]

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OPINION // Raymond Draper: Joe Biden Verbally and Physically Accosts an Iowa Voter and It’s Awkward as Crap. There are credible reports that Joe Biden’s staff has made changes to his campaign which would stop Joe from having contact with voters.

This video reminds me of an old guy who has no concept of personal space. Seriously, if a guy running for office waved a fist, an open hand in your face, then grabbed you by the coat and shook you – what would you do?

Well, a man in Iowa asked Joe Biden to stop supporting the building of new pipelines. Joe Biden tells him to go vote for someone else and then starts accusing him of voting for Bernie Sanders. Actually, the man says, he’s voting for Tom Steyer. Very awkward when Biden won’t listen to his staff and keeps physically and verbally berating the man – a Democrat voter, no less.

Don’t believe me? Biden was caught on camera berating and physically accosting an Iowa voter and telling him to go vote for someone else. His campaign staffers are literally yelling at Joe to move on, but it’s like the man is unhinged. I’m not overstating it, as you’ll see in the videos.

Now, people are starting to see Joe Biden for who he really is, and there’s a very solid argument that by the time November rolls around, he’ll be no “better” of a candidate than Hillary was. And that’s if he’s even the nominee at this point.

Watch for yourself and ask if Biden is fit to even be in public? Further below is a nifty collection of Crazy Uncle Joe grabbing, swiping, sniffing and being generally an F’in weirdo.

From RedState:

First, what’s up with Biden and in person confrontations? He has a habit of always putting his hands on the other person. That’s going to get him punched at some point. You never know how a person will react to having a finger jammed in their chest or their shoulder grabbed.

But more noteworthy is just how bad Biden is at this. He comes across as a defensive, stammering old man (perhaps because he is one) that has no answer to even the most mundane questions asked of him. Campaigning means telling voters how you’ll make yourself accountable to your promises. Instead of just acknowledging the man’s concerns, he accuses the guy of being a Bernie voter and tells him to vote for someone else.

Biden wasn’t done showing he’s an awful candidate though. He then went on to pronounce that he needs to pick the right Vice President because he might die in office.

Yes, this is a thing that really happened. This too:

The idea that any of these Democrat candidates ever truly enjoyed a major advantage is a farce. There’s a reason the polls have greatly tightened, with Trump leading or within striking distance nationally now. It’s because the campaign was always going to progress past the fluff CNN interviews and adoring early debates.

MORE HERE: A nifty collection of Crazy Uncle Joe grabbing, swiping, sniffing and being an idiot: You’re welcome..

‘You’re A Damn Liar, Man!’: Joe Biden Snaps At Voter During Iowa Campaign Stop… Challenges Him To Push-Up Contest

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden lost it on the campaign trail in Iowa today… big time. He snapped at an audience member who questioned him at a campaign event on Thursday about his son’s role at a Ukrainian gas company, calling the man “a damn liar” and then challenging him to a push-up contest. He came this close to calling the man ‘fatty’ as well.

“I got a question I want you to answer. We all know Trump has been messing around in the Ukraine over there, over their foreign aid, for them to come up and say they’ll do an investigation … but you, on the other hand, sent your son over there to get a job for a gas company with no experience in order to get access to the president. You’re selling access to the president,” the man said.

“You’re a damn liar, man. That’s not true and no one has ever said that,” Biden snapped at the man. “You see it on the TV? I know you do. By the way, that’s why I’m not sedentary … The reason I’m running is that I’ve been around a long time, and I know more than most people know, and I can get things done. That’s why I’m running.”

“You want to check my shape man, let’s do push-ups together here, man. Let’s run,” Biden continued. “Let’s do whatever you want to do. Let’s take an IQ test. Ok? No one has said that my son has done anything wrong and I did not on any occasion and no one has ever said it,” Biden claimed stridently. Whoo boy.

From The Daily Wire:

“Multiple notable accounts on Twitter also claimed that Biden appeared to call the man “fat.”

“Biden campaign spokesperson Symone Sanders responded to his meltdown, writing: “Let’s be clear RE: the exchange VP Biden had with a voter in Iowa earlier today: 1) the gentleman is a self identified Warren supporter who said he would vote for the VP in a general election 2) his facts were flat-out wrong and 3) the crowd backed VP Biden up in his response. To be clear: Any assertion VP Biden said a word about the gentleman’s appearance is making this something it is not. In the latter part of the exchange, the VP began to say ‘Look, facts’ then said ‘here’s the deal.’ If you’ve been to a Biden event, you’ve heard this before.”

“Sanders continued, “The reality is this – a reference was made to the ‘news’ today and I think we all know which outlet has continued to peddle the debunked conspiracy theories cooked up by Trump and Rudy Guiliani about Ukraine. These lies will not go unchecked & we’ll continue to lay out the facts.”

“Another video showed the man who questioned Biden getting into it with another man at the event who said to him, “Why don’t you just get out of here?”

“The man who questioned Biden responded: “Stick it up your a*s, fella.”

“Come here,” the man who questioned Biden continued as he stood up and confronted the man. “You want to throw me out? … You got a big mouth.”

“The Washington Examiner separately reported that the man who questioned Biden later told reporters that Biden “is so old, he’s senile” and he should “drop out of the race.”

“Biden’s embarrassing outburst was not the only stumble he had during the campaign stop as he also appeared to briefly believe that he was in Ohio, even though he was Iowa, before eventually correcting himself.

“Biden also appeared to not remember when he served in the Obama administration as he confused 1976 with 2014.”

Biden later strangely accused the man of being “too old to vote for me.” He said that he didn’t want to get in an argument and the man said he didn’t either. Biden called the man “fat,” and the man told Biden he doesn’t “have any backbone,” leading to shouts from the crowd and Biden to move on to another person.

It just gets worse and worse for creepy Uncle Joe. I almost feel sorry for the guy, then I remember how evil he is and I get over it… fast.

Instead of attacking potential voters, why doesn’t Biden’s team help him come up with a coherent response over his son working for Burisma? At various points throughout his campaign, Biden has seemed at times hostile, confused, and incoherent, and reports are that he is notoriously resistant to coaching from his staff. He has major problems here and is obviously not fit for office.

A reporter noted, Biden did play into Trump’s hands by losing his temper. “I didn’t lose my temper. You want to see my temper, keep going,” Biden responded. “I didn’t lose my temper. What I wanted to do was shut this down.” As Biden ended his gaggle with reporters, one asked if it was fair to question his son’s business dealings. Biden didn’t answer and kept walking away.

Despite Biden’s denials on his son’s dealings, there’s a ton of evidence it is true. And when it is brought up during impeachment proceedings it’s really going to hit the fan for the Bidens even if Joe refuses to testify.

Regardless, enough of the Boomer fighting already. But it is one heck of a show, I’ll give it that.

Sources: The Daily Wire, TheBlaze, The Daily Caller, The Epoch Times, Twitchy, The RightScoop, The Hill, The Daily Mail, Fox News, Politico

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