Joe Biden Mutters Incoherently About Stacking Spaghetti Sauce At Weekend Speech To Teamsters Union

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Ummm yeah… I almost feel sorry for Joe Biden. He needs a serious intervention here. Former Vice President Joe Biden joined five other Democratic 2020 presidential candidates in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for this gaffetastic interlude. The event, a forum on labor issues, was hosted by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union. Biden suffers another one of those embarrassing moments he has become so famous for during his speech and this time it was with his bread and butter base, the unions.

Newsmax’s John Cardillo posted the soon to be viral clip on Twitter with the caption, “At this point, it’s just cruel to pretend that Biden is all there.”
Indeed. His gaffes have been piling up on the campaign trail and many are extremely bizarre. He’s just creepy and he has trouble getting a dozen people to show up. The ones who do show do it for entertainment and videos. It’s just sad. It’s like watching a train wreck.

Biden: “Over 350 make you sign an agreement. If you come to work for them you will never discuss the ways you make with another employee or you get penalized. Why? Because you are doing the same job that he is doing and your Guinea pig less because you are a woman and they do not want anybody to know about it. The third thing is last year alone 1.2 billion dollars in overtime was denied for hourly workers who were not unionized. $1.2 billion. So use stack spaghetti sauce in a store, in a supermarket. You control the guy or the woman who brings out the carts on a forklift. What happens? They make you management. You cannot get paid overtime. You see it happen with labor as well. The bottom line is I am for you because America needs you too.”

That does not make sense. It’s incoherent in the extreme.

From RedState:

“But the real takeaway from this post was one reader’s reaction to it. He wrote: “I wasn’t planning on voting for Biden but then I heard him talk about stacking spaghetti sauce and I have to admit I like his position on this issue.”

“Can you imagine the presidential debates if Biden wins the nomination?

“On a more serious note, Biden’s mental decline has now become obvious to most. One has to wonder why anyone thought it was a good idea for Biden to enter the race last spring. His symptoms have grown worse since declaring his candidacy in April, and by the time of the debates, another nine or ten months will have passed.

“If elected, he would take office in thirteen months and his term would end five years from now. I am not a doctor, but I’ve watched relatives progress through the stages of decline. Unfortunately, once it starts, it cannot be stopped. Although I feel sympathy for Biden, he is well past his prime and should not be running for the U.S. presidency.

“Actually, even when he was in his prime…never mind.”

None of this is new for Biden. The former vice president whose barnstorming “No Malarkey” bus tour of Iowa has been basically a highway to hell, was speaking to Teamsters on Saturday when he had a brain freeze. And no one intervened to stop him. I think he was trying to borrow some of Bernie Sanders’ class warfare shtick. But it just came across as verbal stir-fry. Biden is making Sanders look like a mental giant.

No wonder Obama is distancing himself from this political warhorse cataclysm. Say it ain’t so Joe and exit stage left. This is just embarrassing.

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