Joe Biden: Democrats Don’t Understand The Working Class

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Joe Biden looked uncomfortable standing in front of blue collar workers in Pittsburgh, trying to convince the crowd to keep supporting a 33-year-old attorney running for the House of Representatives.

In the last few years, Biden has picked up a bad habit of calling himself “middle-class,” and speaking to the crowds as if they were all one and the same. He must think that Lamb has a chance, even though Trump carried the district by 20 points over Hillary in 2016.

Speaking to the crowd, Biden called Trump’s tax cuts “obscene” and that Trump will bankrupt America in ten years. Hey, remember when Al Gore said that the world would be under water “in ten years?” Why is it always ten years with these rubes?

Continuing, Biden claimed that Lamb would not let the district get “left behind” and that Lamb “gets it.”

Conor Lamb

Lamb, 33, has at least one shining piece on his resume: He’s a former Marine.

Unfortunately he was born into a family of Democrats. Isn’t it strange that America, of all places in the world, has people who think that political ability is inherited and that power should be concentrated into a family?

Lamb’s grandfather was the Democratic Majority Leader in the Pennsylvania State Senate for four years in the 1970s before moving on to work with the Governor. His uncle is the current Controller of the City of Pittsburgh. He holds a law degree and was a commissioned officer in the Marine Corps, working as a prosecutor.

Dems Don’t Get The Working Class

In a rambling speech, Biden appears to say that he thinks that his party don’t understand the working class anymore. A moment of clarity? Or a mistake?

“They don’t get it. Some people in my party don’t even get it anymore. They don’t get it.”

Here’s the video:

Republican Response

Rick Saccone, 60, is the Republican on the slate running against Lamb. Polls will open on March 13th and voters will decide who gets to be the next state representative. Saccone, who has aligned himself with Trump, has campaigned on removing regulations in order to support the energy industry and has said that Lamb is “out of touch” with the district he wants to champion. In a statement, the Saccone campaign said:

“Conor Lamb’s tendency to surround himself with Washington liberals and his choice to campaign with a key part of the anti-coal Obama White House proves he would push the same failed liberal agenda in Congress.”

Biden’s ‘Middle-Class’ Mansion

Im 2012, Biden said in a speech that he was tired of people calling him a “Middle Class Joe.” He’s either talking through his hat or admitting that his fellows in the White House think that owning a mansion (not his official VP residence) makes him “middle class.”

“I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it more calmly today. I don’t think these guys understand us.”

Understand you — you think you’re middle class?! When was the last time you didn’t want to check your bank account after all the bills came out? Pathetic. Maybe in your world, middle class means only being able to rent a private jet, but not buy one.

According to online estimates, Biden’s Delaware home was worth over $2.8 million in 2012. His estate also has a small cottage that is rented out by the Secret Service for $12,000 per year.

Piggybacking On The Opioid Crisis

Trump was the first guy, and the only guy for months who would talk about the carnage of opioid addiction in Appalachia. It was a long, long time before any other candidate would steal the issue, and now it looks like the Democrat Party wants Lamb to be elected because he had been involved in legal cases concerning opioids.

In July 2017, the FDA recognized opioid addiction as a crisis, and Trump agreed that it is a “public health emergency.”

[READ MORE: Security Report Says Obamacare Made Opioid Crisis Worse]

Previously: Biden Will Work With Trump

Last March, Biden appeared in Delaware where the press asked him for his opinion on Trump’s government. Near the end of his questions, Biden gave his opinion of the Administration’s involvement in cancer research, which is one of Biden’s favorite causes:

“It’s my hope that this new Administration, once they get organized — and I’m not being facetious — that they will work in this fight against cancer. And I pledge I will do whatever I can do to work with this new Administration.”

Previously Previously: Biden Hates Second Amendment

In 2016, when some Democrats were still dreaming that Biden would step in and take over for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, he appeared on CNN to complain about that pesky second amendment.

A reporter asked him to weigh in on Bernie Sanders’s position on gun control. Biden said he agrees with Sanders who wants limits on ownership, and that Sanders should be going out there and telling audiences that the Second Amendment says the government can limit who can own a gun. Biden picks extreme examples, saying that schizophrenics and criminals shouldn’t own guns. And that people with mental illnesses shouldn’t own guns. I’m sure if he had more time, he’d start racking off a few more groups of people that he thinks shouldn’t own guns.

Joe The Plumber: Dems are Disconnected From Reality

Speaking with Fox Business News, Joe took a flashbang approach to ripping up the recent screw-ups and long-time failures of the Democrat Party. Watch the four minute video now:

Sources: Fox News, CNBC

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  1. srw says

    Biden is such a phoney baloney. Has been on the public dole ever since he was 28. Would not know what it is to work. He has been a part of every mess the Dems have created. He was tied to Ted Kennedy when they were trying to destroy Clarence Thomas with the lies of Anita Hill. Watching this guy on stage when any young woman was up there with him mauling them was an embarrassment. Biden is living well off the working Americans back.

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