Jimmy Carter Flip-Flops… Calls Trump Illegitimate And Trump Fires Back Calling Him A ‘Terrible President!’

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Former President Jimmy Carter, 94, who just two years ago said that President Trump won legitimately, flip-flopped and is now claiming that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election and that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate. This from arguably one of the worst presidents in US history. During an event at the Carter Center’s retreat in Leesburg, Virginia, he suggested there hasn’t actually been a full investigation into how much influence Russia had in the 2016 election. If there had been such an investigation, Carter claimed, it would prove Trump wasn’t the actual winner, CNN reported.

“There’s no doubt that the Russians did interfere in the election. And I think the interference, although not yet quantified if fully investigated would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf,” Carter said.

“Based on what I just said, which I can’t retract,” Carter responded when asked if Trump was an illegitimate president. The audience laughed, according to CNN. He gave no reasoning or facts on just how Russia managed to put Trump into office. That’s because there is none – it’s sheer slander. There has been zero evidence that Russia succeeded in interfering with our voting machines and election.

From The Daily Wire:

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller also investigated whether Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. While he found “sweeping and systematic” influence from Russia on behalf of Trump, he did not find evidence that Trump actually worked with Russia to steal the election.

“Fox News reported that Trump was asked about Carter’s remarks during a news conference in Japan. Trump said Carter was regurgitating a “typical talking point” because he’s a Democrat. Trump said Carter was a “nice man, terrible president.” He also called Carter “the forgotten president”

“Trump added, “as everybody now understands, I won not because of Russia, not because of anybody but myself.” He said he “worked harder and worked smarter” than his 2016 rival, Hillary Clinton.

“Trump’s campaign had far less money to pull off an election win, and pundits wrote him off as soon as he suggested entering the race. On election night, election watchers gave Clinton more than a 90% chance of winning – until she lost.

“In the aftermath, pundits and supporters were forced to look at Clinton’s campaign (which they had previously applauded) to realize how poorly it had been run. Clinton never traveled to Wisconsin, despite Democrat operatives on the ground telling her campaign officials they needed more resources and support. She poured money into states like Arizona, where she had no chance of winning, just so she could increase her popular vote tallies. She assumed she had rust-belt states locked up because they typically vote Democrat, ignoring the economic conditions of the blue-collar workers in those states. This is what ultimately led to her demise, as Trump offered those voters hope.

“Carter has not always been so harsh toward Trump. As CNN reported, he has previously defended Trump, telling the New York Times that media outlets are “harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about.” He also reportedly offered to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Trump’s behalf.”

Here’s what Carter said in an interview in 2017:

“Dowd asked Carter: “Did the Russians purloin the election from Hillary [Clinton]?”

“Carter said: “Rosie and I have a difference of opinion on that.” Rosie is Carter’s wife.

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes, or any votes,” Carter followed up.”

So, either Carter is senile or a liar. Probably both.

I might add that at this same event, Carter accused the Trump administration of torturing and kidnapping migrants’ children housed at US-Mexico border facilities.

Here’s a partial transcript of those comments:

“JON MEACHAM: I’m interested, Mr. President, in your views on what’s happening at the U.S.-Mexican border with the family separation and your reaction to what we’re seeing now there and what you think ordinary Americans can do about it.

“FORMER PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER: Every day, we send a disgraceful signal around the world that this is what the present United States government stands for, and that is torture and kidnapping of little children, separation from their parents and deprivation of those who are incarcerated. There are thousands of unknown children that are still incarcerated that hasn’t been revealed by the government itself.

“I think what ICE is doing, under the orders of the president, is a disgrace to the United States, and I hope it will soon be ended. Maybe not until the 2020 election. I’m not sure, but either that or before, I hope, it will end as we change presidents.”

I disagree with President Trump that Jimmy Carter is a nice man. No, he is not. He is a manipulative Marxist and always has been. And he just can’t stay out of politics which he should have done long ago.

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