Jennifer Lopez Pushing Amnesty with “Los Jets” TV Show

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JenniferLopezJennifer Lopez is behind a new TV show, Los Jets, a documentary featuring Latinos, some of whom have come to the U.S. illegally. She is also executive producer of The Fosters, about a same-sex couple raising children. Liberal agenda? No doubt.

Gee – I wonder if the illegals are the heroes who win the big game and teach the white racists a lesson about sharing, caring and compassion? Hey J-Lo – exactly how many kids from Central America are going to be staying with you starting this month?

In fact, the stated objective of the new show is to “put a human face to the illegal immigration debate that rages in the United States.”

jennifer-lopez-los-jets-cast_600X400Naturally, the premise of the show is how the underdog prevails despite the odds – designed to tug on our heartstrings, evoking sympathy.

And from feeling sympathy to taking action on behalf of the underdog, desensitizing our intellect to the dangers of welcoming tens of thousands of immigrants.

A year ago Lopez aggressively proclaimed in Washington that Latinos are gaining power and deserve to be “served and catered to.” She was appealing for equality in representation of Latinos in TV programming.

Here’s the programming pitch:

From Executive Producer Jennifer Lopez comes the true story of LOS JETS.

Premiering on NUVOtv on July 16, LOS JETS is a new series about a North Carolina high school soccer team made up almost entirely of young Latino men.

Some of the players on the team entered the country illegally with their families, desperate for a shot at a better life.  Along with a Coach who believes in them, and relates to their struggles, LOS JETS are determined to rise above all of the obstacles that stand in their way.

Not to mention getting some of that sweet citizenship.

There is no doubt in my mind that Lopez is using her celebrity also to push for amnesty and open borders for Latinos to mass immigrate into the U.S. Just as Obama encouraged Hollywood to begin putting propaganda for ObamaCare into their TV and Film scripts – it’s looks like the word is out to do the same with Amnesty now.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no complaint over a popular figure speaking out on issues that matter to them. But it is fundamentally wrong to promote trespassing and human trafficking.

tatsLopez is a Hollywood liberal with no real understanding of the ramifications of the massive influx of illegal immigrants; its strain on domestic resources, and the economic upset caused by undocumented workers sending their earnings away, reinvesting very little in the local economy. Lopez is another cog in the machine grinding away at American conservatism.

Lopez and others like her pay no attention to very real detriments to a society overrun by undocumented masses. They are ignorant of the health risks, for example. If not ignorant, then unrealistically optimistic about our ability to contain diseases carried by foreign travelers.

Tuberculosis and measles are only two of the serious diseases that have made their way into Texas via the children from Central America. The spread of disease won’t be limited to Texas, of course, since these kids are being flown all over the U.S. in an effort to house them all.

New nose, chin, butt, hair – BLAM! I’m not a Puerto Rican! What’ch you talkin’ ’bout? I’m J-Lo!

Supposedly Ms. Lopez entered politics last year when she spoke in Washington D.C. That makes her a singer, dancer, actor, talent judge and political activist. She may consider herself a role model for young Latinas.

This is a woman who came in a scantily-clad Puerto Rican beauty – complete with, how do I say it, Puerto Rican features – then all of a sudden, she becomes as Caucasian as possible with her looks for maximum Hollywood results.

Now that she’s rich beyond belief – she’s going back to her roots.. all except her backside, that is.

Vanity Fair, 1998

It’s hard for me to take a woman seriously who publicly flaunts her body, condones same-sex coupling, disparages marriage and glamorizes the status of illegal immigrants. As far as I’m concerned, she’s most of what’s wrong with contemporary America – and she’s not doing young girls any favors regarding self-esteem with their bodies.

Here’s the message: Flaunt your skin to get ahead and when people say you have a big behind (she never did) have plastic surgery and same goes with your nose to hide your ethnicity and straighten that hair, girl – you look like a Puerto Rican! She’s a phony in every way – but let me guess – you’re mad at me for pointing it out. Fine.

I won’t be watching any future films or television featuring or produced by Jennifer Lopez. Can’t say I’ve ever listened to her music – but I can say I won’t add to the wealth and popularity of a divisive liberal.

PS: When I was a kid, by the way, “Los Jets” was a Spanish rip-off of The Beatles. Check out their big hit: “Twist Y Gritos” (Twist ‘N Shout – if you didn’t figure it out)




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