Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking victim claims his associate ‘told her to have sex’ with high-profile Democrats George Mitchell and Bill Richardson among others

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More than two decades ago In 1998, Epstein purchased Little St. James Island for $7.95 million. The small body of land tucked in the U.S. Virgin Islands was situated between the larger St. Thomas and St. John Islands. The 72-acre body of land began to change in ways that locals on other islands regarded with suspicion. Plants were cleared to give way to towering palm trees, multiple buildings and a helicopter pad. Poles bearing American flags went up and security guards lined the beaches.

According to Fox News, Epstein had a dedicated team of workers on the island who trafficked girls as young as 12 to his clients. Sarah Ransome, one of his alleged victims, said she tried to swim off the island only to be found by a search party that included Epstein and his cohort Ghislaine Maxwell. Ransome also said that they kept her passport so she couldn’t leave. With each decade that has passed brings with it a countless number of underage girls help captive buy a sex craved billionaire.


A woman who alleges that Jeffrey Epstein and an associate forced her to have sex with powerful men has named Democratic politicians George Mitchell and Bill Richardson in court documents on Friday.

A federal appeals court unsealed about 2,000 pages of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, the U.S. financier facing charges of sex trafficking involving dozens of underage girls.

The papers included affidavits and depositions of key witnesses in a lawsuit that Virginia Roberts Giuffre, now 33, filed against Epstein and his associate, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, (pictured), claimed she was one of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slaves and he an associated Ghislane Maxwell instructed her to have sexual relations with several high-profile businessmen

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Former US Senator George Mitchell, (right), were named in a deposition as men that Virginia Roberts Giuffre was instructed by Jeffrey Epstein and his associated Ghislaine Maxwell to have sexual relations with. Both strenuously deny the allegations

Giuffre accused the pair of keeping her as a ‘sex slave’ in the early 2000s when she was underage, after meeting Maxwell in Mar-a-Lago where she had a summer job.

She alleged in a May 3, 2016 deposition that she was trafficked by the pair to have sex with and provide erotic massages for politicians and affluent businessmen.

In ordering the documents released, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit also warned that the allegations contained within them are not necessarily proven.

According to one deposition, Giuffre alleges that she was ‘instructed’ by Maxwell to have sex with George Mitchell, a former Senate Majority leader who represented Maine from 1980-95 and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

In a statement to Fox News, Mitchell flatly denied the allegations contained in the document.

‘I have never met, spoken with or had any contact with Ms. Giuffre,’ Mitchell said.

‘In my contacts with Mr. Epstein I never observed or suspected any inappropriate conduct with underage girls. I only learned of his actions when they were reported in the media related to his prosecution in Florida. We have had no further contact.’

Giuffre claimed that Maxwell also instructed her to have sex with modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel and financier Glenn Dubin.

A spokeswoman for Dubin told Associated Press that he was “outraged” by the unsealed allegations, which he considered “demonstrably false and defamatory,” and said that he had flight records and other evidence that “definitively” disproved them.

Richardson served as US Ambassador to the United Nations from 1997-1998, and Secretary of Energy under President Bill Clinton from 1998-2000.

In 2008, he sought the Democratic nomination for President, dropping out after Iowa and New Hampshire.

In a statement issued to Fox News, Richardson denied the allegation and insisted  that they are ‘completely false.’

‘Governor Richardson has never even been contacted by any party regarding this lawsuit,’ his spokesperson said.

‘To be clear, in Governor Richardson’s limited interactions with Mr. Epstein, he never saw him in the presence of young or underage girls.



‘Governor Richardson has never been to Mr. Epstein’s residence in the Virgin Islands. Governor Richardson has never met Ms. Giuffre.’

It was not clear from the deposition transcript included in the court documents how old Giuffre was at the time of the alleged direction. The transcript does not indicate whether Giuffre actually engaged in sex with the four men.

A lawyer for Brunel did not respond to a phone call and email from Associated Press seeking comment.

Giuffre was asked in the deposition by a lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell to ‘name the politically connected and financially powerful people that Ghislaine Maxwell told you to have sex with.’

Virginia Roberts then responded: ‘Again, I’m going to tell you “they” because that’s how it went. They instructed me to go to George Mitchell, Jean Luc Brunnel, Bill Richardson.

‘A guy that owns a hotel, a really large hotel chain. I can’t remember which hotel it was,’ she adds.

She claimed there was ‘a whole bunch’ of men that she was instructed to have sexual relations with, adding: ‘It’s hard for me to remember all of them.’

Roberts added: ‘You know, I was told to do something by these people constantly, told to – –  my whole life revolved around just pleasing them and keeping Ghislane and Epstein happy. Their whole entire lives revolved around sex.’

None of those named in Giuffre’s deposition have been charged criminally or sued in connection with Epstein’s case.

No other court documents provide any additional details about Giuffre’s allegations, and many remain sealed.

She claimed that she had sexual relations with former MIT scientist Marvin Minsky in the US Virgin Islands. He has denied the allegations.

Roberts also revealed two men who did not engage in any sexual acts with Epstein’s victims in her own deposition that was unsealed on Friday – Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Roberts said in a 2016 deposition that Trump ‘didn’t partake in any sex with us … and never flirted with me’.

She also stated that despite Epstein talking about how the two were friends, she did not recall ever seeing him at the Palm Beach mansion.

Robert did however confirm that ‘Donald Trump was also a good friend of Jeffrey’s.’

A lawyer for Maxwell then asked: ‘What is the basis for your statement that Donald Trump is a good friend of Jeffrey’s’?.

Roberts responded: ‘Jeffrey told me that Donald Trump is a good friend of his.’

Giuffre said that her father, who worked at Mar-a-Lago as a maintenance manager, got her a job there in summer 2000 as a locker room attendant at the club’s spa when she was 16.

She said she was reading a book on massage therapy one day when she was approached by Maxwell, who noticed the book and told her she knew someone seeking a traveling masseuse.

When Giuffre said she had no experience or credentials, she recalled Maxwell said: “We can train you. We can get you educated.”

The court records contain graphic allegations against Epstein, who is accused of trafficking young girls internationally to have sex with prominent American politicians, business executives and world leaders.

They portray Epstein as a sex slave-driver with an insatiable appetite for underage girls.

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