Japanese Scramble Record Number of Jets to Fend Off Chinese!

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It’s time to put your big boy pants on. This weekend is heating up. Between N. Korea and Kim Jong Un’s “Day of the Sun” celebration and the U.S. ordering the USS Carl Vinson to the Korean Peninsula, things are starting to get interesting. Add to that Japan is starting to feel a little more pressure from Russia, North Korea and China, and you’ve got yourself a scenario from the game of Risk. Buckle up folks, things may just get a little bumpy.

It seems Japan has had to scramble more jets than usual in the last year, to not only chase away foreign aircraft, but to keep an ‘eye in the sky’ on things. It seems Japan is a little worried that China may be trying to push or extend its military presence just a bit too far in the China Sea or Western Pacific region, where Japan controls.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Japan had to scramble a record number of jets between March of 2016 and March of 2017, all thanks to Chinese planes that came close to encroaching on Japanese airspace.

The Japanese Air Self Defense Force was forced to scramble its fighter jets a whopping 1,168 times in the past 12 months, according to the U.K. Daily Express. That’s a lot more than the previous 12 months, which had seen only 873 similar incidents, and well more than the 12-month record of 944 back in 1984.

According to the U.K. Independent, the majority of the scramblings had to do with China’s activity in and around the East China Sea.

“Recently we have seen Chinese military aircraft operating further south and that is bringing them closer to the main Okinawa island and other parts of the island chain,” Adm. Katsutoshi Kawano, the top Japanese military commander, said during a briefing in Tokyo.

It wasn’t just the Chinese, however. Encounters with Russian aircraft also caused 301 scramblings, a 4.5 percent rise.

Most of these, according to the Independent, had to do with Russian bombers which often skirt Japan’s northern airspace.

And this is far from Japan’s only military problem. Earlier this week, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told his people that North Korea might be able to hit them with a ballistic missile with nerve gas.

“There is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to deliver missiles with sarin as warheads,” Abe said before a parliamentary national security committee.

Holy Cow! Didn’t North Korea learn anything from President Trump’s actions on Syria and the use of 59 Tomahawks? Or how about Trump’s use of the MOAB or “mother of all bombs” on ISIS in Afghanistan? What is wrong with these people? Can they not take a subtle hint, when they see it?

Let me introduce you to our little friend, the MOAB….reminds me of Tony Montana in Scarface, only THIS is the REAL deal!

President Trump is NOT messing around. He MEANS business. North Korea better get their act together or “Kim Fatty III” is going to be more like “Kim Flatten III”. Can you say, “USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Force”?

H/T Reuters:

Japan worries that China’s probing of its air defenses is part of a push to extend its military influence in the East China Sea and western Pacific, where Japan controls an island chain stretching 1,400 km (870 miles) south towards Taiwan.

“Recently we have seen Chinese military aircraft operating further south and that is bringing them closer to the main Okinawa island and other parts of the island chain,” Japan’s top military commander, Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano, told a briefing in Tokyo.

Okinawa is home to the biggest concentration of U.S. Marine Corp forces outside the United States, hosting the bulk of the roughly 50,000 U.S. military personnel stationed in Japan.

The uptick in Chinese activity has contributed to rising tension in East Asia since the start of the year as North Korea pushes ahead with ballistic missile and nuclear bomb tests that have stoked fears in Japan, the United States and elsewhere.

Japan’s navy plans joint drills around the East China Sea with the U.S. Navy’s Carl Vinson carrier strike group, as it steams towards the Korean Peninsula, two sources told Reuters.

American aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is set to arrive in South Korea today to join in joint exercises with the Republic of Korea armed forces, U.S. officials told USNI News on Tuesday.

The carrier and its strike group will be part of the bilateral Operation Foal Eagle and Key Resolve 2017 exercise series that train for potential conflict with North Korea.

Carl Vinson’s presence is another tangible example of how the ROK – U.S. Alliance continues to enhance interoperability and key capabilities to ensure security and stability on the Korean Peninsula and the region,” commander U.S. Forces Korea Army Gen. Brooks said in a Monday statement from the carrier.

“Seeing the crew in action and how the U.S. Navy conducts their operations while underway is always impressive.”

He’s got that right! Impressive to say the least!  If North Korea is dumb enough they may just see how impressive our USS Carl Vinson Strike Force can be. Hey Kim Jong Un, you can bet our military is saying, ‘Make my day’!

President Trump said, North Korea is a problem. and “the problem will be taken care of.”  Mark Trump’s words, especially after dropping 59 Tomahawks on Assad and Syria, and then dropping the MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan. That should be a strong enough of a message for North Korea, but then again, it is Kim Jong Un we’re talking about.

May God Bless our Military and God Bless America!

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