Japan Preparing For Battle With North Korea. Just Deployed THESE!

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North Korea gets more and more dangerous by the day. They have repeatedly launched missile airstrikes in direct violation of international laws and sanctions placed on them by the United Nations. The United States deployed ships to the Korean Peninsula and increased border troop training in South Korea in response. North Korea’s neighbor Japan is also joining in.

Japan has announced they will be sending in numerous warships to the Korean Peninsula as well. This following President Trump’s sending in the U.S. warship Carl Vinson. Sources from the Japanese military have confirmed their naval fleet will be deploying to the East China Sea in conjunction with American forces.

The Carl Vinson ship had been rerouted on its way to Australia and North Korea was livid when they found out. In retaliation for this action, they said they are prepared for any mode of war the United States is prepared to engage in. Furthermore, they blindly and ignorantly claimed the United States was provoking them with their military presence.

Japanese military officials have not officially spoken with the media or reporters just yet but, anonymous sources have maintained that the government had “direct knowledge of the plan” and thus went to join American ships.

What Japan is doing is very clear and Ramon Pacheco Pardo, a senior lecturer in International Relations at King’s College London, said the same think in a recent speak. He said,

“It sends a message to the Trump administration that they are willing to share the burden of security in Asia. It also sends a message to China that Japan is prepared to align itself to its allies concerning North Korea. Part of Japan’s military plan was to increase its engagements, and this includes the navy too. The joint exercises with South Korea and the United States shows it is an active military player in the region.”

Long gone are the days where Japan and the United States were on opposite sides of a fight. Japan is clearly showing their support to the United States in combatting the serious threat that is North Korea. They have even more at stake. They are North Korea’s neighbors and could be obliterated off the map if North Korea used nuclear weapons on them.

With the support of South Korea and the United States as well as most of western civilization it is no doubt that North Korea will ultimately fail. Japan is on the right side of history this time. President Trump also met with the Chinese President this past week and told the country the meetings went extraordinarily well. Moreover, that he and the Chinese President were working towards a peaceful resolution with North Korea. Perhaps indicating not even North Korea’s closest ally, China, will be by their side. North Korea seems to be getting lonelier and lonelier by the day.

With the combined financial and military intervention of these three countries, not even considering other allies, there is no question about what the ultimate outcome of any battle would be.

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