Jane Fonda: Energy Executives ‘Should All Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity’ At Nuremberg Trials For War Criminals

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Get woke, go to jail. It’s something that Jane Fonda has been doing her whole life. Hanoi Jane infamously started her radical pedigree in Vietnam standing up for the communists. Now, she’s rallying protesters to take to the streets over climate change. In an interview at Viceland, Fonda called for energy executives to be tried for crimes against humanity at Nuremberg-style trials for war criminals. Seriously.

Viceland is hosted by Michael Moynihan. It promises humor and standard interviews and panel discussions. The network’s official description of the program says the country is “in the grip of a constitutional deathmatch so grave, so outrageous, and so fast-moving that it’s almost impossible to process it all. The Impeachment Show is here to help – it’s your guide to the forces and people that brought our politics to the boiling point.” Because everyone thinks impeachment is hysterically funny, don’tcha know.

From Hot Air:

“Jane Fonda was a guest on the premiere episode of “The Impeachment Show”. As she speaks about climate change and the destruction of life on earth as we know it, she goes into her usual riff about evil Big Oil. This time, though, she said that fossil fuel company executives deserve Nuremberg-style trials. That’s right – in the warped mind of Jane Fonda, oil executives are war criminals. She’d like the same for politicians who take oil and gas money, too.

Charging that the “fossil fuel industry” has caused wars that have killed many Americans, she also charged oil executives and enabling politicians “should all be tried for crimes against humanity and nature.” Host Michael Moynihan said, “So, you want to see sort of a Nuremberg trial for climate criminals?” to which Fonda responded, “Yeah, I would.”

“At least Moynihan had the decency (or common sense) to feign a wee bit of surprise about that. Fonda’s old enough to know what she is saying. At age 81, she should be educated enough to understand words like “Nuremberg” and “war criminals”, for heaven’s sake. To think that it is a perfectly normal opinion to state on a television show – even one from Vice – is beyond the pale. Oil and gas executives are not Nazis, to state the obvious, and they do not deserve to be executed for doing their job. To equate supplying the world with its energy needs and war crimes is why she is not taken seriously by thinking adults. There is nothing too extreme for climate alarmists.

“Millions of lives have been lifted out of poverty thanks to the flow of energy around the world. The United States is finally essentially energy independent, thanks to an all-of-the-above type of energy policy. President Trump and Republicans support all forms of energy exploration because it can all be done with environmentally safe technology. There is a place for oil and gas exploration and drilling as well as nuclear energy. Wind and solar energy are good, too, but we are a long way away from being able to depend on them as our sole supplier of energy. (Don’t tell Jane that fossil fuels are needed to produce solar panels and those bird-killing wind machines, too.)

“In Jane Fonda’s utopia, oil and gas industry workers will magically be moved into other jobs and these will be union jobs. Nevermind that the oil and gas industry isn’t currently unionized. She’s on a mission to usher in socialism one way or the other. In the longer clip below, you can hear her try to make the distinction between democratic socialism (like our European betters) and socialism. American socialists do that frequently but candidates like Bernie Sanders and AOC are Socialists. Full stop.

“In a story I hadn’t heard before, Fonda describes a honey pot type of mission she attempted to put together using Jared and Ivanka as her connection into meeting with President Trump. She wanted to bring in some pretty women and scientists into the Oval Office and have everyone, including her, get on their knees and beg Trump to come to their dark side on the issue. When she initially reached out and called Jared, she said, he told her Ivanka is the environmentalist in the family. Fonda called Ivanka who essentially blew her off. When Moynihan pressed her on if Ivanka ever called her back, Fonda said no. She referred to Jared being “married to the Saudis”, which is an odd way of describing Jared if you ask me. And for good measure, Fonda rolled her eyes when she said the name Ivanka. Whatever happened to women who don’t support other women have a special place in hell?

“While Fonda and her ilk like to say that Trump is destroying democracy and the world in general, the truth is that socialism has killed millions of people and destroys countries. There is no shining example of socialism to point to as a template for success. Socialism breeds the authoritarians that anti-Trumpers claim to despise. Climate alarmists are using celebrities like Fonda to gain publicity for the cause. She does more harm than good, though, with nonsensical interviews like this.”

I’d laugh if this deranged radical activist celebrity wasn’t dead serious and didn’t sway so many impressionable minds out there. The left really would like to round up everyone who does not believe in climate change and send them through reeducation camps and/or throw them in a dark pit forever. There’s no other way they will ever achieve accomplishing this massive scam that strips Americans of their hard-earned money and enslaves them to a leftist elite who just can’t wait to rule everyone’s lives.

On The Impeachment Show, Fonda asserted there’s “literally a ticking time bomb over everything” because of climate change. She claimed “our government is being ruled by fossil fuel” and so “democracy is teetering on the edge of collapse.” Hyperbole much? Energy companies have not killed millions of innocent people. The same cannot be said of communists such as Hanoi Jane. In fact, capitalism and energy advancement have brought many, many out of poverty and it has saved untold lives.

I’ll leave you with a partial transcript from Hanoi Jane on The Impeachment Show:

FONDA: “I’m only 81. But even if I was 200 years old, I know that I could have said, I’ve never seen this before, because humankind has never been in this situation where there is literally a ticking time bomb over everything. Everything is subsumed under that because healthcare, national security, the economy — it’s all going to go out the window if we can’t address the worsening of climate change. I think that democracy is teetering on the edge of collapse.”

MOYNIHAN: “You think so?”

FONDA: “Oh, I think so. Yes. That’s why we need to go into the streets. Our government is being ruled by fossil fuel, and that’s a fact that can be proven. The wars are being fought for oil. Our men and women are being killed and maimed, wounded psychologically and physically, because of oil. They should all be tried for crimes against humanity and nature.”

MOYNIHAN: “Who in particular?”

FONDA: “The people who run the fossil fuel industry. And I might add the politicians that they bought off who haven’t got the gumption to stand up to it.”

MOYNIHAN: “So, you want to see sort of a Nuremberg trial for climate criminals?”

FONDA: “Yeah, I would.”

MOYNIHAN: “You would support that?”

FONDA: “Yeah.”

Sources: Hot Air, The Washington Examiner, MRCTV

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