James Comey Has No Friends

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Disgraced FBI Director James Comey is coping with being abandoned by his enemies and friends as he fires on all cylinders attacking left, right and center. It’s lonely at the bottom.

Comey lost his job as Director of the FBI in May of last year, and is now calling Trump ‘morally unfit’ to continue his job and he’s ripping apart his former flunky Andrew McCabe and calling him a liar. But it’s not just taking shots on the way out the door: Comey is also criticizing Obama who appointed him and is releasing details on private conversations he’s had with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Next time you get fired, try insulting your biggest fan, your coworkers and your last boss and see how well that plays for you. Comey is poison, and he did it all to himself.

The Duty of an FBI Director

Since the Federal Bureau of Investigation was founded in 1908, there has always been one leader in charge. By the early 1900s, tensions in the “increasingly immigrant nation” (the FBI’s words, not mine!) was on the rise and it resulted in violence from the factories to the overcrowded tenements to the ethnic communities.

So, the same year that the Model T was introduced, the challenge of dealing with enforcing law evenly across American states and counties that had their own police had to be met. As well, there was a need for a task force to deal with federal crime, including anarchists who wanted to violently overthrow the government. In response, the Attorney General at the time gathered a few special agents, including members of the Secret Service, to create an office — the FBI — to conduct investigations on behalf of the Department of Justice.

Here are the last four directors of the FBI with their dates, to help us keep track:

  • Robert Mueller September 2001 – September 2013
  • James Comey September 2013 – May 2017
  • Andrew McCabe (Acting Director) May 2017 – August 2017
  • Christopher Wray August 2017 – now

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New Book By Comey

Earlier this week, Comey released his new book entitled A Higher Loyalty and has been making the usual media rounds to sell, sell, sell. In what sounds to be a very inappropriate thing to publish, considering it’s still in the new, Comey has been talking openly about his side of the story on Hillary Clinton’s email server and the allegations of Donald Trump’s supposed Russian collusion.

Of course, when it came time to issue charges for possible Russian collusion, all of the arrests were aimed at Russians. No Americans were implicated. As Trump said, “Campaign did nothing wrong. No collusion!”

FBI Directors Should Be Non-Partisan

With over 100 years of history as an organization that’s supposed to conduct investigations into federal crimes, it’s sensible that a Director must be non-partisan in order to complete his job fairly. His loyalty is to America, not to any particular party. But Comey, who is a “longtime Republican,” has just announced this week after his book launch that he will no longer associate himself with the organization.

It’s at this point where a true friend would intervene and help Comey deal with his troubles, but he’s burned so many bridges there must be nobody left to want to handle his trouble. A former official with the FBI, Chris Swecker, said of Comey:

“I’m sure he has an inner circle of friends, but I don’t see anyone out there defending him right now. He’s managed to pretty much tick off everybody.”

Other sources are attempting to shift the narrative around the contents of Comey’s book are trying to focus some of the attention to Loretta Lynch. A “good friend” of Comey’s named Benjamin Wittes says that he’s curious to see other reports come in on Lynch, claiming that she was happy to see that Comey is still running interference in the wake of the Clinton email scandal. Comey has criticized Lynch before in the public in front of the Senate. In the book, he digs into her for allegedly demanding that the email scandal should be called a ‘matter’ not an ‘investigation.’

Frankly, I doubt that a “good friend” would be blabbering to the media for attention at this point.

Comey on Obama, Trump

In two interview this week, Comey even goes after Obama — the man who gave him the job in the first place — for jeopardizing the Justice Department’s public image and credibility during the email server investigation.

“[Obama] is a very smart man and a lawyer. And so it surprised me… it was inappropriate.”

While Donald has tweeted that Comey is an “untruthful slime ball” and the worst FBI director in its history, Comey is calling Trump a “mob boss” and “obsessive ex-boyfriend.”

As for Comey on McCabe, he still believes that he is a “good person” but that “good people lie,” and McCabe is one of them.

Sources: FBI.gov, Fox News

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