Islamic Woman Blames Terrorism on ‘Islamophobia.’ Fox Host Destroys Her…

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Go figure, a Muslim kills in the name of Islam, and what’s the first thing liberals blame? Why, the NRA, of course. But, when that fails, they claim the real perpetrator is “Islamophobia”.

So I suppose it’s not shocking that a Muslim professor would blame the Ohio State University attack on “Islamophobia.”


It is, however, a little surprising she would agree to do it on Tucker Carlson’s show…

Engy Abdelkader said there is never a justification of an attack like the one at Ohio State University.
But, she said that anti-Muslim bigotry can contribute to a sense of “cultural homelessness” in the Muslim-American community:
“They don’t identify with their home country and feel alienated from their new host country,” she said.

Carlson disagreed with Abdelkader’s contention that FBI data shows there is a greater threat of attacks from “white supremacist” and “right-wing extremist” groups.

I know we’ve said this a lot lately, and while I hate to repeat myself, sometimes a good point bears up to the merry-go-round. Blaming Americans for terrorism, or trying to deflect by saying “Actually more white people are killers than Muslims because they’re intolerant meanies” is one of many reasons Trump horse-kicked Hillary Clinton. Every time there is an Islamic attack in the USA, the left’s (and by default, the media) first defense is: a, ignore facts and b, claim Islam had nothing to do with it. All while Islam had something to do with it.


The difference here is that it’s not an Islamic sympathizer who’s out saying #NotAllMuslims, but an actual Islamic professor. Like her cohorts in media, she’s happy to shift the blame away from Muslim men committing jihad against innocent Americans in the name of Allah (terrorism be upon him), to those pesky Christians who hate Planned Parenthood’s million dollar industry of baby butchery.

Nice try, sassy pants, not the same, not even close. On top of that, when a Christian commits murder in the name of religion, know what happens? Christian leaders denounce him, they DON’T stick up for him.

Not all Christians are peaceful or perfect, Jesus was. No, all Muslims aren’t terrorists, but, Muhammad sure was. So to any Muslims reading this post, sorry your leader was a smelly, bearded, wife-beating, jew-hating sh!t mongrel….but, it’s called history, don’t like it? Pick a new religion.

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