Is There A Nobel Peace Prize In President Trump’s Future

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With the recent openness of North Korea working with the South after taking Donald Trump’s threats of “fire and fury” seriously, Trump’s rally in Michigan on Saturday cheered: Nobel, Nobel, Nobel!

Trump decided to skip out on the disastrous White House Correspondents’ Dinner where Sarah Huckabee Sanders along with various journalists were roasted by a disgusting pig from the Daily Show over orgasms and affairs in order to attend a rally in Washington Township, Michigan. At a sports center north of Detroit, Trump spoke for eighty minutes on topics ranging from the contributions of Michigan to his campaign (where he was the first Republican to win since 1988) to Rocket Man in North Korea. And the audience loved it.

Now that North Korea has strong evidence that Trump may attack them like he has struck Syria, there is a strong reason for the commies to hold back on their own missile tests. Now that the northern state has proven their ability to strike America with missiles launched from the ground, Trump has focused attention on their nuclear abilities. In fact, he has threatened to “totally destroy” the country.

At the same time, VP Pence has been visiting American bases in South Korea, which has achieved stability since the end of WW2 thanks to massive amounts of money, mentoring and military help from the USA. The Soviet Union took over the northern part of the Korean peninsula and the two nations have officially been at war since 1950. With Trump flexing in the middle east while simultaneously looking for the Saudis — who recently opened their very first movie theaters — to take over the financial burden of less stable states while supporting Israeli efforts to get the Palestinians back to the table, the Norks know that Trump means business.

Without even promising peace between the Koreas during the election (we’re still waiting for that border wall, by the way), Trump may do what no other President has achieved. Trump will meet with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, but only if they play nicely with the South and agree to cut out the missile tests and the nukes.

All that and a Tax Cut and Reform Bill. What a guy!

South Korea: Trump Should Win Nobel Peace Prize

Elected after disgraced politician Park Geun-hye was impeached in 2016, President Moon Jae-in is now echoing the opinion of the South Korean foreign minister by saying that if and when peace is achieved,

“It’s President Trump who should receive the Nobel Prize.”

This coordinates with Moon’s comments in January at the height of Trump’s tweets about destroying little Rocket Man. Moon said that Trump:

“…deserves big credit for bringing about the inter-Korean talks. It could be a resulting work of the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure.”

This kind of talk brings me right back to that beautiful election night.

And in response to it all, Trump has tweeted that after a “long and very good talk” with the leader of South Korea his people are solidifying the “time and location of the meeting with North Korea.” As well, Trump has brought in the Prime Minister of Japan to alert him to the goings-on in his region.

Here’s hoping that little Rocket Man is invited to Mar-A-Lago for golf to see just how fantastic capitalism in his part of the world would be.

Even Left Wing Papers Are Talking

The worry of Trump winning a Nobel Prize has spread to the left wing. Not only has CNN and the New York Times been forced to admit that Trump deserves credit for bringing the two Korean leaders together to discuss an end to hostilities, but the magazine Mother Jones is publishing on the rising notion that right wing support for a Trump Peace Prize is too big to ignore.

While describing the chanting crowd in Michigan, Mother Jones wrote:

“The chant reflects a mounting movement on the right for Trump to get the prestigious prize. A Friday Fox News op-ed declared that Trump, “not Obama,” deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Social Media Support

In recent decades there have been notable omissions of Peace Prize winners, including Mahatma Gandhi and Pope John Paul II. With the mistakes of the past — including the two times that the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees won the award — it’s worth the time for conservatives to make it known that if Trump is skipped over, then it’s just more evidence on top of the awards to Al Gore and Barack Obama that the Prize has devolved into pure political garbage.

Sources: CNN, Daily Mail, Business Insider, Mother Jones

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