Is it Okay For Liberals to Make Gay Jokes?

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What do you call a gay dentist? The Tooth Fairy!

Recently, late night host Jimmy Kimmel found himself in a bit of trouble with his new left wing audience after making a gay joke about the relationship between Donald Trump and conservative television host Sean Hannity.

Kimmel’s Gay Joke

I’m not mad that Kimmel made a joke about homosexuals and sodomy, I’m mad that the joke isn’t even funny.

Don’t try to imagine how this arrangement could work; but if you require a visual than just look back at the time that Snoop Dogg used a Trump-like clown in one of his music videos.

And Kimmel probably has a team of well-paid writers working on his Twitter account to come up with zingers like this:

The jokes aren’t funny, and Trump is still President, and Kimmel is now in hot water with the homosexuals for daring to crack a joke at their STD-riddled lifestyle.

Angry Homosexual Lovers Respond

Only two people should care about the joke up there — Trump and Hannity. But, the left has the ability to make absolutely everything about themselves even when the conversation has zero to do with them.


— Scott Linnen (@ScottLinnen) April 6, 2018

One of them even pretends that he’s “physically ill” at the year of a gay joke. Oh, princess, you can’t handle a gay joke online but you’re fine with the 70% of new HIV diagnosis every year being taken up by gay men who are catching the disease by having unprotected anal sex with other men?

I’m physically ill over you making gay a punchline in 2018. With all the hatred out there, this is how you get laughs & RTs @jimmykimmel

— Scott Linnen (@ScottLinnen) April 6, 2018

You know what’s even more painful than mean jokes? Dying of AIDS.

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What do you call a gay boxer? A Fruit Punch!

Other people chimed in, and absolutely none of them made any point beyond “how dare you make a joke about our protected class.”

Slowly the conversation turned to how odd it is that a liberal doesn’t blink an eye at making jokes about homosexual sex, where a conservative who does so would be fired.

Insults Started After Kimmel Insulted Melania’s Accent

Jimmy Kimmel has been ribbing on Trump for a long time now, because comedians are now a part of the news cycle because comedians are no longer funny enough to stand on their own two feet. Carson never did this.

Anyway, last week Kimmel insulted Melania Trump’s accent while she read the Lord’s Prayer at an event. She didn’t recite the prayer, but instead read it in English. Of course, she was born in Slovenia and grew up Catholic, which meant that she likely grew up reciting the prayer in a foreign language or in Latin, neither of which would have sounded right in this case. So, Melania read an English translation.

As well, Melania was the focus of Jimmy’s ire for her organizational role with the White House Easter Egg Roll. Kimmel whined that Melania probably didn’t even dye one single Easter egg.

Later, Hannity called Kimmel disgraceful for mocking the First Lady. Here’s the two minute clip:

Kimmel’s Televised Response

After Hannity’s piece aired, Jimmy Kimmel took time out of his opening monologue to crack jokes about Hannity’s ability to perform in the bedroom.

Sean Hannity’s problem is that for eight years, while Obama was President, he was unable to get an erection. For eight years, not one erection. And he tried everything … he tried looking at pictures of Paul Ryan with his shirt off. Didn’t work.

That’s not a joke, that’s disgusting. Could you imagine Carson saying something like this? It’s not a joke, it’s just being gross and worse than juvenile. Kimmel continued:

“[Sean Hannity] went to office Christmas parties with Bill O’Reilly. Nothing worked. But now that Trump is President, here’s the twist, Sean Hannity is unable to have anything but an erection. He’s had an erection since November of 2016. And it’s driving him mad. He’s lost his mind.”

For this, Jimmy Kimmel makes around $10 million a year in salary. And that’s gay.


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