Iran Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes to Pass Obama Nuke Deal

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As John Kerry is caught Iranian “diplomat-terrorists” in Paris, the Iranian government is threatening to reveal the names of the western politicians who made big paydays off of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry is saying that unless Europeans continue to trade with Iran and if they don’t in turn pressure the USA, they will tattle on the corrupt western politicians who lined their own pockets when Obama was in charge. Seems like a good deal to me, all we have to do is wait for the Iranians to spill the news.

Photo taken in 2009 after the revelation that the Iranians were running a previously undisclosed uranium enrichment facility and had been testing long range missiles.

John Kerry In Paris

A few weeks ago, Kerry was reported to be sneaking around the back of the White House by dealing with Iranians to try to extend the Nuclear Deal. Now, we have better proof of one of these meetings.

This image of Kerry in Paris, France was posted on social media by Jason Osborne, a former adviser to President Trump. Osborne had been sent the photo by a friend, who reported that Kerry was “blasting Trump” while meeting with three Iranians. The three Iranians had bodyguards and left in diplomatic vehicles.

After posting the photo and asking if Kerry is FARA registered, Osborne tweeted “I’m wondering how much he stood up for Israel in this conversation.”

FARA Registration

Osborne mentions FARA registration, which stands for Foreign Agents Registration Act. The statue has been on the books since 1938 and was originally more focused on Americans working for foreign powers who may be pushing propaganda to agents working for foreign powers who want political lobbying done for their benefit.

Now, you may be placed on the FARA database if the US government proves that a person acted at the order of a foreign principal to engage in political activities on their behalf, including by representing their desires in front of a government agency or official.

So, if Kerry is licking Iranian boots and bringing their concerns back to Washington, then he should be a FARA registrant.

In 2007, there were around 1,700 lobbyists who represented over 100 countries before government agencies including Congress. It’s not necessarily rare, or bad, but they must be registered.

More Information on Meeting

A news editor and a “Free Iran” human rights activist named Hanif Jazayeri replied to another Osborne tweet, showing the three men who had met with Kerry.

Here’s what Jazayeri said of the photos:

“The one in front is certainly Kamal Kharazi (#Iran regime’s FM from 1997-2005). The one behind the door looks very similar to Abolghassem Delfi (current Ambassador to France). See photos for comparison. Please bear in mind these ppl aren’t diplomats. They’re diplomat-terrorists.”

Of course, a Trump hating reporter was quick to say that it’s all made up and we should stop looking and stop asking questions. We previously wrote up Rozen for mention that John Kerry had once said “Inshallah” (if Allah wills it) after being told that Iranians are looking forward to the nuke deal.

Iran Will Reveal Names Of Western Politicians Involved in Iran Deal

Last week Donald Trump decided against renewing the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Now, Iranians are furious because they’ll no longer receive the billions that they have in the past from the States. The deal was signed under the Obama administration in the summer of 2015 and was orchestrated by John Kerry.

Two different sources have provided a translation for recent comments by the Foreign Ministry in Iran. According to Raman Ghavami, a Middle East analyst who tweets in several languages and contributes to the Jerusalem Post, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry sayd:

“If Europeans stop trading with Iran and don’t put pressure on US then we will reveal which western politicians and how much money they had received during nuclear negotiations to make #IranDeal happen”

There’s a lot to unpack in that threat.

One, that the Iranians are guessing we won’t be surprised to hear that palms were greased in order to pass the deal.

Two, that the Iranians assume we have so much corruption in the west that we need more specific hints on who exactly was being corrupt.

Three… does Iran really think that they can bully the European governments on to their side? Or do they want to be sanctioned so they can destroy the careers of westerners who helped them?

At any rate, it’s all bad news if your name is John Kerry.

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Sources: Jihad Watch, The Gateway Pundit

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