Iowa Teacher Scolds Joe Biden When He Gets Beyond Handsy Again: ‘You Need To Ask First’

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Handsy Joe Biden is at it again. This time, he got far too personal with a teacher in Iowa and she called him out for it. She was less than impressed with his canned response to her question about collective bargaining, but what she resented more was how he abruptly seized her hands and clung onto them. The guy would not let go. I guess he thought it was an endearing and an emotional photo-op… what it was, in reality, was beyond awkward.

The Washington Examiner caught two different angles of the cringe-worthy exchange. Jessica Roman, 41, had stopped grabby Biden, 76, as he greeted voters on Monday during the Hawkeye Area Labor Council’s Labor Day picnic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The North Liberty preschool teacher, who works with special needs children, queried the former vice president about his plans to help unionized members of her profession under recent changes to Iowa’s collective bargaining laws. That’s when he reached for her hands.

“I think that he means well but, you know, he grabbed my hands right away and that was really uncomfortable,” she told the Washington Examiner. “He was very close and, in my mind, I’m like, this is part of our problem: Not recognizing that you need to ask first, or can I shake your hand? Not just grab your hands and hang onto them. That bothers me.”

I’m surprised she didn’t yank her hands away or slap him for doing that. What part of ‘don’t touch’ does this guy not get?

From The Washington Examiner:

“Roman, who is leaning toward caucusing for California Sen. Kamala Harris or Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, wanted a more detailed answer to her question about collective bargaining in Iowa, which has a restrictive framework similar to Wisconsin. It was “a very well-rehearsed list” that “didn’t really speak” to her inquiry, she said.

“Biden has been accused by at least eight women of touching them without permission. Amid a furor over the allegations, he said that he accepted that “social norms are changing,” adding: “I will be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future. That’s my responsibility, and I will meet it.” His wife Jill said that his unwanted contact “won’t happen again.” Days after his vow to change, however, Biden joked about the allegations.

“Despite repeated advice from his staff, Biden still routinely touches women and children at events, whether they like it or not. A spokesman for the campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

“Roman told the Washington Examiner she had major doubts about Biden’s candidacy, his third bid for the White House. “I wouldn’t say it’s something that I didn’t like but, you know, I’m in my 40s, I’m raising a teenager, I work with very young families, and he’s not relevant,” she said.

“It’s been too long since he’s raised a family, too long since he’s lived on a normal paycheck. I want somebody that actually gets it, that understands what it is to live on the paychecks that we live on, the housing crisis that we have, all of the ways that those things affect us.”‘

Given, this is a woman with Marxist leanings and who is very liberal. But even leftists can’t deal with Joe Biden getting physically friendly with them. It’s just creepy and inappropriate no matter your political stance. So much for being more careful with and respecting women. His definition for that must be different than mine.

Not only did the teacher object to Biden’s touchiness, she thinks he’s too old to be president and does not get current events. It’s hard to argue with that. It would be one thing if Biden was like Trump — full of vitality and sharp as a tack. Instead, he gives the impression of being senile and very wishy-washy. Biden’s base has always been the unions and it looks like he’s losing them. No big surprise. Communists tend to not be very loyal or forgiving.

Sources: The Washington Examiner, TheBlaze, Breitbart, The RightScoop, The Washington Free Beacon

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