Internet Reacts To Megyn Kelly’s Upcoming Interview With Controversial InfoWars Host!

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Since Megyn Kelly left Fox News in January and moved over to NBC, she has interviewed Kardashians and Russian President Vladmir Putin. Although neither interview really garnered Kelly that much in the form of ratings from the normal audience of large liberals. So now, she’s trying something a bit different.

It looks like Megyn Kelly might be a little desperate for higher ratings for her new show, ‘Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly’. She has scheduled an upcoming interview with Alex Jones, controversial host of InfoWars. It’s sure to draw a few interested Conservatives to the show, which may actually give her a spike in ratings.  Although, we’ll have to wait until next Sunday night, on Father’s Day to see how it plays out for her.

In the meantime, it looks like since the news broke of Kelly’s interview with Jones, the social media has gone very negative towards NBC and Kelly, particularly those parents of the Sandy Hook massacre.

H/T Western Journalism:

Megyn Kelly is facing backlash on social media for her upcoming NBC interview with controversial InfoWars host Alex Jones.

Kelly announced Sunday she would discuss “controversies and conspiracies” with the radio host next Sunday on her new show, Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.

Jones is considered by many to be a conspiracy theorist. He gained notoriety for his theory that the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax and that the grieving parents of the 20 child victims between the ages of six and seven were faking it.

The interview will follow her debut discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which garnered underwhelming reviews by many critics.

A video preview posted on Kelly’s Twitter page bills the interview as bombastic, with discussions ranging from Jones’ theory that 9/11 was an inside job to his claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was a “false flag” intended to strip gun rights away from Americans.

Next Sunday, I sit down with conservative radio host to discuss controversies and conspiracies June 18 on NBC

Megyn Kelly Retweeted Megyn Kelly

Actually, in our sit-down describes self as a libertarian who “likes what republicans stand for” but has issues w/them 2.

Megyn Kelly added,

“Now 9/11 was an inside job,” Jones said to Kelly. “But when I say inside job it means criminal elements in our government working with Saudi Arabia and others who wanted to frame Iraq for it. Just a fact.”

Jones is then heard making the case that Sandy Hook is “complex.”

“When you say parents ‘faked’ their children’s death, people get very angry,” Kelly asked Jones.

“Oh I know,” he responded. He excused his statements based on the fact that he “looked at all the angles of Newtown” and made his statements “before the media even picked up on it.”

The video preview concludes with Jones unironically talking about a project in the 1980s in which “they began creating animal-human hybrids.”

Many on social media, including Chelsea Clinton, expressed disgust at Kelly for giving Jones a platform to discuss his theories.

@megynkelly @RealAlexJones This is repulsive and immoral. How dare you highlight this “person” who accused Aurora and Sandy Hook parents of faking children’s deaths?

@megynkelly @RealAlexJones it’s almost like you’re trying to get cancelled

There is no justification for amplifying lies (or a liar), particularly about unimaginable tragedy. I hope no parent, no person watches this 

I promise you it’s not riveting. How you you feel if someone shot your kids, some fool said it wasn’t true- and I gave him a show? 

So…there you have it. Yes, I know Alex Jones, host of InfoWars is very controversial. Again, I think Megyn is looking to spike her ratings a little. I’m sure Megyn’s ratings are not doing as well as they used to be, as she doesn’t have the strong audience draw of Conservatives on NBC like she did with FoxNews. Kelly’s upcoming show will certainly draw in a few more viewers, but more of what I would call the more ultra-right wing conservatives. I don’t think the ‘average’ Conservative listens to Alex Jones.

However, back in 2011, Rolling Stone Magazine reported that Alex Jones listeners were greater than the number of Rush Limbaugh (26 million) and Glenn Beck (7 million) total listeners combined. One thing is for certain, ‘Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly’ that airs on Father’s Day will be a controversial show.

I also believe it will bring a spike in ratings for Megyn Kelly and NBC. However, I believe the spike in ratings, will be a short-lived. Conservatives in general, don’t watch NBC. With or without Alex Jones, NBC is still not considered by most as a Conservative network.

As for Alex Jones, well, I’d like to think of myself as a pretty strong Constitutional Conservative, and even I have a hard time believing everything the host of ‘InfoWars’ has to say. I do give Jones credit for being right on a few things, that the MSM has yet to report about, including the real truth about the death of DNC’s Seth Rich.

Again, Kelly’s show next Sunday night should not only be controversial and draw in a larger audience, but should provide some stronger negativity on Twitter and throughout the internet and social media.

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