Inter-Faith Murder In London Leads To An Obvious Conclusion!

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The United States and the rest of the westernized world have increasingly had to deal with racial crimes. It isn’t just an issue that the United States has to deal with, but England especially.

In London, this past week outlets reported that a 19-year-old girl who was of Indian and Muslim heritage had been brutally murdered, raped, and kidnapped after she had started a relationship with a man of Arab and Muslim descent.

It is being investigated as a hate crime because of its consideration as an ‘honor killing.’ The crime took place in a multi-million dollar home in London, England where the dead body of Celine Dookhran was found after her throat had been slit. The second victim had called police about her disappearance and then was killed hours later in the same way, with her throat also being slit.

On Wednesday evening of last week, Dookharn had been viciously dragged into the house in Coombe Lane West, Kingston where she was then sexually assaulted by her assailant and then had her life taken.

Her attacker was revealed to be 33-year-old Mujahid Arshid who appeared before a Wimbledon court of magistrates. The charge against him was on three counts, murder, rape, and kidnapping. He was charged twice for the second crime.

One of the survivors had been banging on doors of the neighbors for help. Some of the neighbors even spoke with media outlets about the fateful night. One neighbor said the following,

“I could hear running on the gravel drive and then a loud knock. It was very sudden and very loud. I had a facemask on, but I jumped up and went downstairs. By the time I opened the door the person was gone. I could hear them running away on the stones. It was strange but I didn’t realize how serious it was until the police came later. It’s a horrible shock. You can’t believe something like this could happen across the road.”

A different neighbor said,

“I looked out at about 8 pm and there were police everywhere. They’d broken into the house with a battering ram and it was left lying there in the drive.”

A third neighbor said,

When I walked to school to pick up my daughter I had a quick look. The fridge had been pulled out to the front door and was being examined and people were taking photographs of it.We’ve been told it was one of those honor killings.”

Arshid’s accomplice was 28-years-old, just a few years younger than him and his name was Vincent Tappu of Ealing, West London. Tappu was not charged with murder but only the kidnapping of the victims involved. An unknown woman associated with these two criminals was arrested and later released for assisting the men. However, she remains under investigation.

Binita Roscoe who works for the prosecution said the following to The Times,

“The deceased was involved in a relationship with an Arab Muslim. Her face and mouth were covered in duct tape. Her hands were tied with cable ties and her feet were tied with rope. She believes a sock was placed in her mouth. She had heard the deceased who was in the shower screaming.”

According to USA Today, there were approximately 5,000 of these types of crimes a year prior to 2000. However, coincidently, or not, they don’t have the statistics for after the War on Terror began. However, two years ago in 2015 the Department of Justice indicated that 23 to 27 of these crimes occur minimally in a year in the United States alone.

One would think that given the increasingly dangerous refugee crisis as well as the resurgence of illegal immigration and the general poor condition the world is in at the moment, that the United Nations would work to collect these types of statistics to ensure that the public is aware of crime levels.

It is clear that whoever committed this crime has zero respect for human life or dignity. Nobody is immune we are all at risk.

Considering that authorities indicated the attackers were known to the victims it very well could be that the attackers were either Indian Muslims or Arab Muslims as well. Inter-faith killings are not uncommon. But the public needs to be made aware for their own safety. It is negligent for the mainstream liberal media to not report on this.

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