Incoming WH Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Roughed Up By North Korean Guards In ‘All-Out Brawl’

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Well, this is a heck of a way to start your stint as White House press secretary. Stephanie Grisham was in North Korea for President Trump’s historic meeting with Kim Jong-Un and she made her presence known – publically. She got roughed up by North Korean security guards when trying to push through American reporters for the summit. Ironic, no?

When American media attempted to follow President Trump and Kim into the “Freedom House” at the Demilitarized Zone, North Korean security guards physically blocked them from entering, according to the Associated Press. Grisham was having none of it and physically threw herself at the guards telling the American journalists to, “Go, go!” It was characterized as an ‘all-out brawl’.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is either one very foolish or one very tough broad. Grisham was injured in the confrontation. The North Korean guards bruised her pretty darn good when she fought against them to allow American media to properly position themselves to cover the historic meeting between Trump and Kim.

The Secret Service stepped in to intervene and to deescalate the tense situation, the AP reported, and the American media were able to capture the historic moment. Just a note… the North Koreans were not amused and did not look happy in the least. In a video of the scuffle aired on CNN, Grisham can be seen getting between North Korean guards, telling reporters to move past them. “Stop. Let me go. I need help here!” she exclaims.

From TheBlaze:

“Jim Acosta, CNN’ senior White House correspondent, reported the incident was “an all-out brawl.”

“Other reporters corroborated the incident.

“It was not immediately clear if Grisham received medical attention or if North Korean guards injured anyone else.

“Trump made history Sunday by becoming the first American commander in chief to visit North Korea, albeit for approximately just one minute.

“After meeting with Kim for nearly one hour in Freedom House, Trump announced North Korea had agreed to resume denuclearization negotiations.”

Sarah Sanders’ replacement is evidently very ‘hands-on’ and unconventional to say the least. She’s a freaking lioness it would seem. It was not immediately clear if Grisham required medical attention or if anyone else was injured or detained by the guards.

Grisham, 42, had been a spokeswoman for First Lady Melania Trump before being named last week as the successor to Sarah Sanders, whose last day at the White House was Friday. The first lady disclosed the news in a Twitter message and Sanders echoed her support for Grisham.

Grisham, 42, appeared to be okay, ignoring the scrap in a tweet on Sunday: “Unbelievable to watch our @potus @realdonaldtrump work so hard on behalf of this country over the past few days (and always!) History was made today – honored to witness it.” The encounter was strange considering this was a meeting of unity between the US and North Korea but apparently that only applied to Kim and Trump.

No word from President Trump on this incident. I find it appalling that the North Koreans blocked our press and treated our press secretary so roughly. Appalling but not surprising in the least. They are barbaric elitists after all.

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