IMAGINE THAT! Attorney Gloria Allred In Hot Water for Fraud, Legal Malpractice!

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What happens when Gloria Allred pretends to fully represent a male client when he was discriminated by CBS when they chose younger, attractive female meteorologists instead of him?

What if she failed to let that client know that CBS was working with Allred on a movie about her life at the same time?

She gets sued for legal malpractice and fraud!

Kyle Hunter, a local television weatherman, has filed a lawsuit against Allred for legal malpractice and fraud, claiming she negligently represented him during a case. Hunter contends that Allred failed to interview witnesses, and provide affidavits in his suit, which would have greatly bolstered his case.

Hunter also alleges that Allred’s firm later entered into a settlement with CBS for a sum less than the $800,000 award, but did so without his authorization.

I hope he breaks her! That was OBNOXIOUSLY bad behavior on her part. I think she secretly wanted him to lose because he is a man!

“As Allred negotiated in secret a TV deal for herself with CBS during the Hunter lawsuit, the malpractice in her handling of the case led to a near- seven-figure legal bill for Hunter, a sunk suit against CBS, and an impaired reputation for Hunter,” the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior County, reads.

IMAGINE THAT! Attorney Gloria Allred In Hot Water for Fraud, Legal Malpractice!

As a result, a trial court found in favor of CBS. It ordered Hunter to pay attorney’s fees and costs which amounted to $800,000. The lawsuit claims that Allred told Hunter that he had contacted witnesses “but Hunter knew that was a lie. These witnesses were Hunter’s friends, people he had worked with for years, and they told him they were not contacted.”

“Allred sandbagged her client to serve her personal pecuniary interests, her penchant for public fame, and to protect the malfeasance of her media allies. Allred needs to spend less time in front of a TV camera, and more time in an ethics library,” the court paperwork reads. The lawsuit was filed by Robert Barnes, a California based attorney, who also contributes legal opinion pieces to

The legal action comes on the heels of an investigation of Allred by the State Bar of California. It is not clear specifically what the State bar is investigating, but they typically only open investigations after receiving complaints from consumers, other attorneys, or former clients. Oh boy!

Allred is known for getting involved in controversial celebrity cases. She especially likes those involving allegations of sexual assault and discrimination. Most recently, she announced a defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump on behalf of Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant who claims Trump groped her. She is also representing several women who have accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

She is credited for taking down Presidential candidate Herman Cain in 2011. Lie detector tests were ran on her press conferences and it was found…in the words of Maury Povich… “That was a lie!”

Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom, is also an attorney in California. She is representing Kathy Griffin, who had her career destroyed by an unknown gang of ‘white men’.

Allred is a bottom feeder and an ‘ambulance chaser’! She just always somehow ‘appears’ when there is a case that will bolster her name recognition. I expect that someday soon she will run for office. Crazy woman!

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