Illinois Middle School Tests Students on Their Trump Attitudes! WHAT?!

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On the topic of school choice, Donald Trump has said, “As president, I will establish the national goal of providing school choice to every American child living in poverty. If we can put a man on the moon, dig out the Panama Canal and win two world wars, then I have no doubt that we as a nation can provide school choice to every disadvantaged child in America.” September 2016.

President Trump has consistently stood for school choice and in opposition of Common Core. Trump selected Betsy DeVos, a strong advocate of school choice, as Secretary of Education to help return education to back to the states with more “local control”. Trump understands our education system is broke. He also understands that the federal role in education needs to be more limited.

Here’s a perfect example of why we need to provide school choice and more competition when it comes to public education.  You are NOT going to believe what this Illinois Middle School Language Arts teacher did. Parents should be livid!

H/T Illinois Review:

PLAINFIELD – Language Arts at Timber Ridge Middle School in Plainfield, Illinois not only assesses students’ vocabularies, but now the class questions their attitudes toward President Trump.

A mom of one the Illinois school’s 8th graders posted on Facebook a photo of the questions she found offensive on her daughter’s recent Language Arts’ test.

In her FB post she stated,

“This is a test that my 8th grade daughter was given by her Language Arts teacher. This is unexceptable to put her views into our children’s head know matter what her side is!! I am one unhappy parent!! I will be going to the School and Superintendent!”

Here’s the test questions she posted as well:

Some of the test questions are poorly written, and some of the correct test answers don’t make sense. But there’s no question that they all are meant to test the 8th graders’ attitudes toward the president.

For instance, fill-in-the-blank Question #16 says “There is great adversity among Americans, especially among those who are strong supporter (sic) of President Trump and those who (sic) are against him.”

The answer the teacher was looking for and didn’t mark incorrect is “adversity” when a less-charged word that would be useful would be “diversity.”

They get more controversial – #19 says: “It was difficult for me to ________ my feeling when I learned Donald Trump had been voted in as our 45th president.”

Seriously?  Since WHEN is it a correct or incorrect answer to having an opinion about politics and your “feelings” toward Donald Trump, as our President? In addition, since when do we test these feelings in school? ONLY in a government school is your opinion correct or incorrect? Opinions are not right or wrong! Isn’t that why they are called opinions? I guess in government schools they are not considered opinions, but right or wrong answers, especially when you don’t agree with their choice of our president.

Here’s some comments on FB from various parents:

I’m not Trump supporter but how rude for her to do this!”

That is not ok. It doesn’t matter who you voted for, people need to respect the OFFICE!. We are all Americans!”

“..that is so wrong on many levels. As a person with a job of authority over kids her political views should not be used in a way that your child is tested.”

“TOTALLY Unacceptable!!! You cannot be the only parent who feels this way!!!!”

“Ridiculous. I would be very unhappy. I am also interested in what they are having them read (in relation to question #15).
This is middle school?”

“How is this education? This has nothing to do with Language Arts these are political views which do not belong in the public schools!”

“The indoctrination of our youth by Liberal academia. It has been going on for years. Thank God my kids turned out Conservative!! What the H*ll are they having them read to have a question like #15 as well? This woman needs to be fired! She can’t even present a test that is grammatically correct!!”

“Wow… This is ridiculous and NOT simply all about political views.
Teaching should be based on non-biased, fact-based information. They are not parents and their thoughts and feelings, political views etc… Should be left at home.”

“This is bullsh*t, the taxes paid to the school district and they allow teachers to push their political agenda on the students.”

“Yeah, not okay on many levels. Imagine how much trouble a teacher would get into if they shared their conservative beliefs in this manner… not even okay in super conservative Texas! I would also contact the media if you don’t feel satisfied with the response from the principal/ superintendent.”

If you need more assistance in contacting the school principal of Timber Ridge Middle School to let him know how you feel: Principal, Constantine “Dean” Kariotakis, email: [email protected] OR phone: 815-439-3410

OR the Superintendent of Plainfield School District #202: Dr. Lane Abrell, email: [email protected] OR phone: 815-577-4000

After reading this, are you still going to tell me that our education system doesn’t need to be fixed? Or school choice is a bad idea?

If you ask me, President Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is looking like a smart business decision.

Personally…I’m hoping they can go one step further and abolish the Department of Education. It’s time to return education to the state and back to more local control – the parents.


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