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If you are a gun owner, you should make every effort to attend the ILLINOIS GUN OWNER LOBBY DAY (IGOLD) on April 25, 2018 in Springfield, Illinois.


llinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD) was started back in the early ‘90’s to put a face on Illinois gun owners. Up until that time the media had portrayed gun owners and those who believed in the Second Amendment as some knuckle dragging Neanderthal throw backs, barely worthy of being called humans.
IGOLD helped change that although the mainstream media still labels gun owners that way, when they can get away with it.
The first ISRA Lobby Day was attended by about 200 people. Among those attending were four undercover policemen. In 2006, the ISRA joined with several other groups and ISRA Lobby Day became Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD).
The Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD) has become the number one demonstration of citizens promoting gun owners’ rights in the United States – the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) is its primary sponsor. The crowds have grown each year.
In 2013, 8200 gun owners showed up to lobby their legislators and to become the face of all the gun owners in Illinois. Because of IGOLD and other ISRA activities, gun owners have increased in stature in Illinois.  The goals is for that number to reach 10,000 this year.
One of the early attendees of this big event in 2017 was Otis McDonald. The court case known as McDonald et al. v. City of Chicago came about because of IGOLD.
IGOLD proves what law abiding gun owners can accomplish when they stick together. If you are a gun owner, you should make every effort to attend the IGOLD on April 25, 2018.
Every person who believes in the Second Amendment should be there! – Please invite everyone you know!
In 2017, the Illinois State Rifle Association worked to make the concealed carry law better and worked to stop the anti-gun groups. As you know, It is critical that politicians know how important our gun rights are; The Illinois State Rifle Association supported only those legislators who supported our gun rights.
IGOLD is the ideal time to demonstrate your commitment to the Second Amendment and the right of self-defense!


IGOLD, and the preservation of the Second Amendment rights, is an expensive undertaking that involves many people, many communications, many activities, and a lot of planning. To help offset these expenses, the ILLINOIS State Rifle Association will be offering opportunities to participate with raffles and donations – please enter the gun raffle or simply make a donation.



It is not news that we have been fighting a stacked deck in the Illinois General Assembly.  The draconian anti-gun laws we see being proposed are all about politics and not about good public policy.  Gun owners and the Second Amendment are whipping boys for criminal ills of Illinois and the Nation.  The solutions are not easy; the simple thing to do is blame you, me, and of course, guns.  It is time for gun owners to stand up, fight and not let this happen.

The Subject Matter Hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee is a prime example of the chicanery that occurs in Springfield.  HB1467 was a relatively clean Bump Stock Bill.  It needed some modifications but certainly was not as onerous as previous bills dealing with the same issue.  Then, without warning, Senator Harmon proposed an amendment to HB1467 that would allow local municipalities regulatory authority over certain types of firearms, namely their version of so-called assault weapons. If passed, this would be the camel’s nose underneath the tent.

On Wednesday, March 14, three bad gun bills were jammed through the Illinois Senate. Two of these, HB1465 and HB1468, are on the way to the Governor’s desk for signature or veto.  The third bill, the new version of HB1467, is described in the above paragraph.  When we passed the concealed carry bill, one of the provisions preempted municipalities from doing such regulation 10 days after the concealed carry act was passed.  The State has now gone back on its word.  This bill is simply to harass law-abiding gun owners.  HB1467 must go back to the Illinois House of Representatives for concurrence.  The Illinois House of Representatives will not be in session until April 9.  Please call your local State Representatives and ask them to vote against HB1467.

The Illinois State Rifle Association fought very hard to get statewide preemption to prevent local municipalities from passing a patchwork of laws designed to entrap law-abiding gun owners. The goal here would be to eventually destroy concealed carry and as many other gun rights as possible. Of course, the anti’s will deny this but, nevertheless, that is their goal.

Please call Governor Rauner and ask him to veto HB1465 and HB1468.

Governor Rauner did the right thing when he vetoed SB1657.  SB1657 was designed to regulate small firearm dealers out of business.  The goal was to make firearms hard to get and much more expensive.  Make no mistake; SB1657 was a direct attack on law-abiding firearm owners and the Second Amendment.  Gun owners owe the Governor for that one.

Every two years we often say it’s the most important election we have ever had.  It is important to understand that and, as tired of hearing it as you might be, it is still true.  Suppose Pat Quinn was Governor? Think of where we would be right now.  Of course the fight is not over.  The anti-gun crowd is out twisting arms to try to override the Governor’s veto.

The veto clock will start running on April 10, when the Senate comes back to Springfield.  

In the meantime, 2nd Amendment supporters and gun owners please get down to Springfield, ILLINOIS on April 25th for IGOLD! 




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