Illegal Alien Deported After Being Released THIS Many Times Under Obama!

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Under the Trump administration, border crossings have drastically diminished and the crackdown on illegal immigration remains. No longer are the days where illegal criminals can be deported several times and still remain in the United States.

However, one slipped through the cracks from the Obama administration. One illegal alien who was just recently arrested escaped from custody and law enforcement authorities found that he had previously been deported on five separate occasions.

His name is Carlos Rivas-Mendez and police officers were trying to deport him from Sterling, Virginia and were attempting to send him to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities via their vehicle. He escaped while in route to Washington Dulles International Airport where he was to be flown to his home country. Mendez was able to run off into a wooded area while he was handcuffed.

ICE reported that the illegal alien had escaped near Route 28 near the Dulles Toll Road which was located close to Dulles International Airport. This is very close to Washington, D.C. A spokeswoman told Reston Now that Mendez was,

“in the country illegally and was being transported when he escaped custody.”

As soon as authorities were alerted a manhunt went underway and he was again placed into federal custody. However, it remains unclear what he was being deported for and what the charges were against him. Once he was finally released Mendez’s criminal records were released to media outlets. What his record indicates is not remotely shocking considering the progressive liberal agenda the former White House administration abided by.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office who had jurisdiction over the case released the following statement concerning this horrible incident,

“At 12:20 p.m. the Sheriff’s Office received a call to assist ICE with a search of an escaped subject in the area of the Dulles Toll Road between the exits of Loudoun County Parkway and Old Ox Road. The subject was identified as Marlon C. Rivas-Mendez, 27, of Sterling. Rivas-Mendez was arrested by LCSO deputies earlier this morning. He was transferred into ICE custody at 11:08 a.m. without incident. During federal transport, Rivas-Mendez assaulted the transport personnel and escaped custody on the Dulles Toll Road.

Members of the Loudoun Sheriff’s Office alongside the Virginia State Police, Fairfax County Police Department, Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority and ICE canvassed the area. LCSO deputies located Rivas-Mendez at 2:20 p.m. in the area of Mercure Circle and Old Ox Road and took him into custody without incident. Rivas-Mendez was arrested on local charges of Assault & Battery by the LCSO and was released into ICE custody.”

Mendez’s criminal record showed what a revolving door we used to have with criminal illegal aliens. Initially, Mendez was deported over 10 years ago in 2007 prior to President Obama being sworn into office. Once again he was arrested in November of 2011. He was deported in May 2012 for the third time and June of 2014 for the fourth time. His last deportation under the Obama administration took place in January of 2016.

Authorities maintained that there were no indications that Mendez was affiliated with gangs. However, that still does not make his illegal immigration ok. Illegally entering the country is a crime in itself let alone doing it five different times. People were outraged when they had heard what happened. On Breitbart News, some of the user comments excoriated this situation.

User Grammaton Cleric us said,

“Five times? That’s an outrage and a failure of our immigration laws.”

Swann007 wrote,

“OK People, how many times would you allow this @ss Hole to break into your house before you shot the SOB Dead? !!!! Then why do we allow him to break into our country 5 F-in Times!!!!!.”

EjB wrote,

“Deportation means nothing if he can keep returning and if there are no consequences to his actions. How about a law allowing law enforcement to shoot on sight illegals that have records and multiple deportations?”

And finally, KJinAZ wrote,

“Enough already. The illegals that continually violate our laws need to be put to death. We need the three strikes and you’re out law. On the third arrest for immigration violations, they should get the death penalty. Taxpayers should not be forced to support these people in our prisons, and clearly returning them home has no effect on them. The government needs to step up and do its primary job of protecting our citizens.”

The American people and the White House are sick and tired of progressives who perpetuate this narrative that open borders make us safer. It is an insult to anyone with common sense and the millions upon millions of Americans who are immigrants who came here legally. By cleaning up our streets we are making America great again!

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