Just When You Think She Can’t Get More Disgusting, Ilhan Omar Labels Jewish Trump Adviser as a “White Nationalist”

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Democratic Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar has been criticized for months now for her bigoted, anti-Semitic and anti-American Tweets and speeches. Even when she is forced to apologize, her words seem to come out with an undertone that basically says, “I’m sorry I hate Jews.” This one takes the cake, however:

Omar’s latest escapade into hatred – she says Stephen Miller, a Jewish Trump White House adviser, is a “white nationalist” and slammed him for having too much influence on U.S. policy. Disgusting.

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Fox News reports, “Miller has been known for having a major influence over President Donald Trump’s immigration policy and was reportedly instrumental in the ousting of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirsjen Nielsen.”

“Stephen Miller is a white nationalist,” Omar wrote in a tweet. “The fact that he still has influence on policy and political appointments is an outrage.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Omar quoted a Splinter News article which, among other things, referred to Miller as a “white nationalist” and a “fascist” and suggested he’d like to appoint “Attila the Hun” to lead U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Republican New York Representative Lee Zeldin responding by tweeting out that he had never seen a Congressional member “target Jewish people like this.”

Donald Trump Jr. wrote in a tweet, “I see that the head of the Farrakhan Fan Club, @IlhanMN, took a short break from spewing her usual anti-semitic bigotry today to accuse a Jewish man of being a ‘white nationalist’ because she apparently has no shame.”

But Junior wasn’t the only one condemning Omar for her ridiculous claim:

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Hundreds Protest Rep. Ilhan Omar Outside CAIR Fundraiser In LA – Artist Calls Her Out

An just a few weeks ago, Omar (D-MN) was confronted by roughly 1,500 protesters in Los Angeles, California outside her Southern California fundraising event for the local chapter of a major advocacy group representing Muslim-Americans. Omar spoke at the event and it was clandestinely caught on video. It was not a warm welcome by any means for the freshman congresswoman.

Hundreds of protesters lined the sidewalk area. They waved Israeli flags and decried recent anti-Semitic remarks by Omar. The atmosphere was a mix of dancing and music mixed with the vitriolic comments against Omar. Many were wearing MAGA hats. At one point, banners, placed by activist Laura Loomer, were unfurled from two balconies, reading “Ilhan Hates Israel” and “CAIR Hates Jews.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar Caught Secretly Fundraising With Groups That Have Ties To Terrorism

A few did show up outside the event to support Omar. But not many.

From Fox News:

“The event at the fourth annual Valley Banquet, titled “Advancing Justice: Empowering Valley Muslims,” was sold out and closed to the public. The Los Angeles Police Department told City News Service that it had an unspecified number of officers working the event.

“We don’t disclose the numbers,” Officer Sal Ramirez told City News Service.

Omar, 37, is from Somalia and came to the U.S. with her family in 1995. She has faced a storm of criticism from pro-Israel politicians and groups after her February tweet that said “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” in reference to the support that some U.S. lawmakers have offered to Israel.

Sources: Fox NewsBreitbart

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